Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray review
Image: Kevin Murphy

The search for the perfect sea salt spray / hair texturizer / gimme-beach-hair-now continues!

I’ve had relatively good success with some of the most famous ones: Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt Spray, Living Proof Instant Texture Spray and Tony&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. But like mascaras, even though I know many great ones, I keep wanting to try new ones until I find one that really knocks my socks off.

Currently, that one is Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray.

Like its name suggests, it is a hair texturizer to gives you that messy, sexy gritty texture, like you’ve been on holiday. Or that you’re a “sexy surfer girl”, as their website says.

Whatever it is, I’ll take it!

I’ve been deliberating sporting messy hair since I was 19 (and before that, actual messy hair since I never brushed it.)

And I gotta say, this one is actually really good. I’ve been using it for 8 months now, and my bottle is still going strong (which makes me happy, as it’s quite salon priced, i.e, expensive.)

To use, simply spray on dry hair, scrunch and go. I focus spraying on my crown area and just a light mist on the middle of my hair, leaving the ends free.

It Gets Better As It Goes

Funnily enough, I find that it really works and gives insane amount of hair volume a day or two after the initial application, so don’t expect super miracles the first day you apply it.

On the first day, I find it works like any other sea salt spray – gives some volume, looks a little messy, but still needs some “scrunching” throughout the day to really make it work.

By Day 2 and even 3, and it is scrunched to perfection by itself, and lasts half a day without any touching.

Which, if you know my hair, is a miracle, since it doesn’t seem to hold anything.

(Although I have to say, now that I live in a country that is not so humid like Asia, I find my hair is starting to behave.)

Still, I’ve used this product in hot, humid Asia and it still works great. It doesn’t leave the hair feeling too crunchy or dry (it’s inevitable with hair texturizers), and hair doesn’t look dull or lifeless out at all.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a hair texturizer or sea salt spray, definitely give Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray a chance, it’s one of the best I’ve tried for sure.

Also, a big part of the joy in using this product, I also find, is the yellow bottle which is so uplifting, and the gorgeous coconut fragrance to it. A tad bit chemically, but beachy, nonetheless. Everytime, it either makes you think back of your last beach holiday, or makes you want to book one, stat!

Where to Buy

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