Kose Seikisho Mask White Review

This is a guest post by one of my lovely readers, Ruth. She’s been kind enough to review her favorite face mask and says she highly recommends it! Hope you like her post.

I purchased this mask after reading tons of great reviews on it, while looking on the Internet for good facial masks. And this is wonderful, I’m never going to change!

“Unclogs pores to help reduce blackheads.

This black mask helps increase clarity and add radiance to your skin. It helps remove dirt and impurities to thoroughly clean skin and enhance translucency of your skin.

This mask adheres closely to the skin surface and lifts away dullness with a mild tingling sensation. Remove the mask to reveal a glowing, smooth complexion.”

It’s almost like those nose strips for your entire face. Once you peel it off, you can see little whiteheads and dead skin flakes off, and that’s the most fun.

The black goo looks very weird, and having a black face for 20 minutes is horrifying for family members, but this is really great. Cleans out your pores and gives a very fresh, clean look to the skin. I love it and would highly recommend it to BFB readers.

Blog for Beauty: Great review, Ruth! I tried this a few years ago, and like Ruth, I really liked it. My skin just looked so much fresher and bright – it was fantastic! However, I developed two big cystic zits after using it, so I stopped using it and gave the tub to my mom. So, try it out and see what you think – hopefully you won’t break out!

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  1. I used this too and I find that it automatically brightens up my face. However, there is one downside to this almost perfect face mask – the peeling process is just too painful for me. But I still would recommend to though but only to those with high pain tolerance level. 😀

    Nur’s last blog post … THEFACESHOP Pure Facial Care for Men

  2. Aw, poor you! I used to love peeling it off … the satisfaction you get from seeing all the gunk off – so gross but kinda fun! 😛

  3. I tried this some time ago but stopped using it cuz the peeling seems a little harsh! Also, I have pimples as well and I’m sure tugging on them with a mask like this would only infuriate them and set them ablaze.

    Currently, I’m using LUSH’s mask of magnaminty and catastrophe cosmetic – lovin’ emso far (:

  4. I have to agree if you have pimples … like you said, I don’t think pulling at your skin is doing them any good! I’m glad you found a mask that works for you! Haven’t tried LUSH yet but have heard great things about them; their product names are great too! 😀

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