Hit or Miss? Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Vermillion 184Lancome lipsticks will always have a place in my heart – it was the first lipstick I wore from a luxury brand when I was a young teen, and boy did I cherish that thing and feel so “grown up” wearing it!

It seems now, almost a decade later, I have yet another Lancome lipstick to cherish: L’Absolu Rouge in Le Vermillin, no. 184.

I’ve been looking for that perfect red lipstick for what seems like years, and I can honestly say I’ve finally found it. That shade… it’s indescribable, but I’ll try.

While the hue is fairly bright red, it has slight undertones of orange and pinky-coral, so it doesn’t scream “look at me!!”. It’s bold, yes, but the red is very unstated sexy… it’s quietly confident, and doesn’t feel the need to boast. The inspiration behind it is the legend in India, where this particular hue was used to “hypnotise and captivate”, to which I say – nailed it!

Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge Definition lipsticks claim to have a 6 hour staying power, but I think it’s actually a little more. It lasts me a good 8 hours before it fades slightly, and can last through eating/drinking without reapplying (I never reapply my makeup – nor do I want to – so this is a huge plus point). Another thing that sealed the deal for me is that the lipstick finishes like a lip stain, so it dosen’t have that obvious “lipstick” look and feel to it.

If red is not your thing, check out the other shades in the range, namely 388 Le Magenta; a bold, hot pink which I also adore, and 291 Le Pourpre, an absolutely sexy deep, wine hue.

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