Hit or Miss? Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation

Laura Mercier Flawless Smooth Finish Fluide foundation review

Laura Mercier foundations really don’t need any introduction, do they? Pioneers of the “Flawless Face”, their foundations, concealers and tinted moisturizers are some of the best and most loved in the world. (And are some of my all-time favorite products.)

I’ve been a customer of Laura Mercier since 2008, when my best friend and I stumbled upon a small little makeup boutique in Takashimaya which sold the brand. (Anyone remember?)

They marked up the price so much, but because Laura Mercier is so good, we happily paid for it, even though we were still completely broke students. Of course, the brand is now easily available everywhere, all over Singapore (namely, in Sephora), and thankfully, at much better prices.

Last summer, while in London, I took another close friend of mine shopping, as you may remember, she needed my help in finding a new foundation; to which I took her straight to Laura Mercier, and the rest is history – she’s a total convert now!

Considering all that, it’s really no surprise that LM’s latest offering, the Laura Mercier Smooth finish Flawless Fluide, is as amazing as their other face products. Said to once again give you a “flawless face”, it is a long-wearing, lightweight foundation that, and I quote: “make filters obsolete.”

And they really aren’t kidding… The formula is incredible lightweight – it is a watery, thin formula that spreads beautifully and easily over your skin, and feels like you’re not wearing any foundation. Like, at all. (Because of the runny, watery consistency, the foundation can get a little messy – shake before use, and be careful when squeezing onto the back of your hand (or wherever your foundation goes); so that too much product doesn’t spill out.)

The foundation is semi-matte, so it literally mimics your skin’s natural “look”, and looks – and feels – like you’re not wearing anything. Coverage is in between light and medium for me – but you can always build it up, because again, the formula is so thin. I’m also honestly still in awe of the fact that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing ANY makeup.

It’s perfect for travel, sleepovers and actually, as an everyday foundation – anywhere you want to wear makeup but not look like you’re wearing makeup, and dries super quickly so application is fast and effortless. (In other words, it’s a dream.)

However, primer underneath this foundation is a must – because of the thin formula, this can settle into pores, scars and other little dents in your skin and make them more obvious. Laura Mercier’s famous Foundation Primer is your best bet, but I’ve found that if I prep my skin with enough moisturizer, that also works very well.

Still, another winner from LM and definitely one to check out if you’re looking for a lightweight, natural looking foundation.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Still too poor to buy LM foundations, but I loved using them at makeup school. Do you think this is comparable to the NARS All-Day luminous weightless foundation?

    1. You’re welcome! Hmm, I can’t say unfortunately, as I’ve actually not tried NARS foundation before! I know, crazy. I should, I hear they are amazing – is the All Day Luminous your favorite?

      BTW, what makeup school did you go too? 🙂

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