Hall of Fame: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer

Sit down for this one: I have found The Best Concealer Ever.

Finally, a concealer that has successfully covered up my very obvious, very deadly-looking dark eye circles.

I’ve been a big fan of Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer, which I was told was specifically for dark eye circles. Then I wrote this post, where I was told (and wrote) that Secret Camouflage is for dark eye circles, and THEN, at the launch event at Sephora, the head makeup artist for Laura Mercier tells me that Secret Camouflage is NOT for dark eye circles, and that Secret Concealer is. WHICH ONE IS IT? I still don’t know, but I’ve used Secret and have liked it, but when I tried Secret Camouflage, oh boy.

Comparing it to Secret Concealer, which I always thought was very, very good, (but not perfect) the formula is much less creamier. I felt that with Secret Concealer, while the creamy formula is great for blending, sometimes it would creep into the fine lines and look a little oily, since it was so “liquidy”. But Secret Camouflage is a much dryer formula (reminds me of Benefit’s Boi-ing), which makes I find makes it “tougher”.

It has held up for a full 14 hours (including a nap this weekend!), with no smudges, no creeping into fine lines, nothing. And best of all, it covered my dark eye circles to the best I feel a product can do – I didn’t really see any darkness around my eyes, and looking straight into the mirror, it was a very pleasant surprise to see that the two shadows underneath my eyes disappeared.

So, so good. You can buy it online here.

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  1. I LOOVE Laura M’s stuff, she makes amazing base formulas that cover up but still look natural. Like this more than Secret Concealer too, and yes, a brush is a must! (:

  2. How do you use it? I’ve always wanted to try this but I don’t know how to apply “dry” concealers under my eyes. I worry that I’ll end up “tugging” which would only make things worse.

    I’m currently using Bobbi Brown, but it’s so creamy it sort of disappears by lunch time. I love concealer that hides my dark under eye circles, simply because I don’t even need foundation anymore as long as my dark circles disappear. If only I can find a really good concealer!

    1. Definitely get a concealer brush. I started using a concealer brush this year and it made such. a. big. difference. So, so good. I would always use my fingertips but a thin brush can really get into some hard corners and shadows! And no, it’s dryer but still blend-able; it definitely won’t thug your skin. It’s “tougher” in the sense that the formula seems more durable when it’s dryer. As you said, the Bobbi Brown concealer’s creamy formula also tends to run! I prefer dryer concealers because of that, now.

      Laura Mercier is at Sephora and there’s a huge testing area, check it out if you have some time! It’s really excellent.

      1. I’ve tried using concealer brushes and my application always ends up looking heavy handed with streaks. Any tips on getting a better application?

        1. What kind of brush are you using? Some concealer brushes are kind thin, and therefore give these weird lines… I used to have a thin brush and that would happen a lot. My new brush is flat and wider, which helps a lot. To avoid being heavy handed, don’t pick up a lot of concealer – dab some on the back of your hand before applying – and “pat” it on rather than rubbing it in.

  3. I have hereditary dark circles so at the moment I use MAC concealer but I need a new one so I might look into buying this one! The pictures I see of you show you having flawless skin! I don’t see any dark circles at all.

    1. Thank you! My skin is good now but my under eye circles are a problem haha.

      What is the MAC concealer like? I heard they are pretty good, too?

  4. Hey Renee, could I get it at Sephora in Singapore instead of online? Its been awhile since I visited Sephora! I’m in a huge need for a good concealer. I’m only 22 but my dark eye circles make me look waaaaaaaay older. Its terrible! I’m currently using MAC, that thing is greasy girl! Thanks for this review, I definitely want to try this! 🙂

    1. Ah well… I suppose it’s up to personal taste. I think this is way better than Secret Concealer, which was made for under eye circles. Try both and see which you prefer!

  5. Hmmm, gonna have to give this a shot! I agree that concealer brushes are key & flat wider are much better than tapered & pointy (Bobbi Brown’s concealer brush is no good imo) but I like Crown’s flat wider version better.

  6. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer!!! The orange-ish color is suppose to correct the darkness if you have purple/blue dark circles. And it does. it’s very creamy i applied just a little and the wait to settle a little bit and then I apply foundation. i like better than my mac studio finish nw20. sometimes i’ll use bobbi and then apply the studio on top. and always set with powder.
    I’ve read many times that the Secret Camouflage is a favorite of many celebrities. I think Katy Perry uses it. It’s definetely on my “have to try this”list!

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