Hall of Fame: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

laura-mercier-tinted-moisturizer-reviewFriends… finally.

I have been hearing so much about Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer, that I finally hunted it down and found a small shop in Singapore selling it.

I brought my best friend along, and we both tried some on, and immediately went insane – our skin looked absolutely flawless.

Safe to say, we both came home with a bottle, with me choosing the oil-free version.

(Too bad that it was marked up so much at that time, that it cost almost S$90! Thankfully, now it’s more easily accessible – online, at Sephora, etc, and is way cheaper.)

I’m so obsessed.

What I love about it is what the company said themselves: it is sheer, lightweight and gives a beautiful, natural look. I also love how it stays on all day and the SPF is, of course, a big bonus.

However, for those with acne prone and oily skin, keep in mind that this base gives a somewhat dewy look, which can change to ‘oily’ after awhile, (especially in Singapore), so it’s probably best to apply a layer of loose powder over it.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, especially the oil-free version. There’s nothing more to say, really. It’s a hall of fame product for me already, and it seems to be reaching cult-status in the industry too, so it’s a must try – at least once!

P.S. Want more coverage? Check out this one and this one by Laura Mercier that is also incredible – she really knows her face makeup!

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  1. Whoa! $90 for that sounds a bit too pricey to me. I wonder how much they’re selling this here. Hmmm…. Maybe I should go check out the price next time I’m at the mall.

  2. I use Eucerin everyday protection face lotion spf 30 which is a really good moisturizer but it’s not tinted! I’ve always wanted to try a tinted one but omg $90! Yikes!

  3. Monstro, thanks for letting me know! That’s way cheaper … I can’t think of anyone I know there so hopefully I’ll go there one day – will try to find prices in Europe next month or so. Hopefully it’s a little cheaper there! 😀

  4. I do agree that $90 is rather pricey but the product sounds like what my skin needs. I would try to see if I can get a sample to try out first.

  5. I heard of this when I was in search of my own HG tinted moisturizer. Supposedly it’s the best one in the market, but it’s too pricey! I got the Shiseido Skincare TM SPF20 instead, for Php 1700 approximately, and I love it! Coverage is more than sufficient, and it stays on the entire day.

  6. Kaye – thanks for the recommendation! I haven’t heard about that product yet, will be sure to look out for it the next time I’m at the makeup department. I’m very happy about the SPF 20 too!

    Ruth – Yeah, try to get a sample. Though here it’s next to impossible. Ask them to apply some on you and then leave, don’t feel pressured to buy it! When you get home you can assess how it looks and feels after the whole day 😛

  7. Nur, I have to get my hands on a BB cream… I have been hearing so much about them but I am so clueless on what they actually do! Have you written a review on the one you’re using? 😀

  8. Yeah!! Its extremely expensive. I’m currently using BB Cream from The Face Shop and I find that it works as a sunblock, makeup base and a moisturiser as well… 😀

  9. Kaye, barge in all you want 😉 What exactly are BB creams, though? Anyone? So far all I can understand that it seems to be a blemish balm, so it’s like an all-in-one base?

  10. You wouldn’t believe tho but my fiance is also using the same BB Cream as me. Infact, he’s e one who wrote a review on it -http://www.ilovelookinggood.com/2008/12/18/the-face-shop-the-skin-extra-bb-cream-spf20-pa/
    Basically, BB Creams are all-in-one product. It also helps calm your skin aft facial, during breakouts etc.. However, this is from personal experience and I think like most beauty products it varies from person to person.

  11. I used this for a while before I found something which worked better for my oily skin. This is pretty good, but I agree with you, the price is hefty. It’s more expensive than my usual bottle of moisturiser (I got it in M’sia for RM153).

  12. Thanks Nur, I’d have to research more … I am so behind! I like that it has SPF in it, that’s really important to me!

    Tine, what are you using now? I’m trying to find an alternative, the price is too hefty like you said. Been using powders all this while but I think now I need to moisturize my skin so I’m looking for more liquid alternatives. 😛

  13. hi there. i live in atlanta, ga USA and i must agree. this stuff rocks. i have found nothing better. i don;t wear much make up so i justify spending this much. it’s 42 us dollars. which to me is a TON and i have never ever spent as much. BUT i always get compliments when i have this on!!
    sorry it’s so expensive where you are–

  14. Physicians Formula has a line called Organic Wear that is supposed to be all-natural. The drugstore has it on sale fairly often. It’s pretty good- the only downside is the lavender smell when you’re applying it.

    1. Hey Rachel – so sorry, I should’ve been clear and said $90 my currency… I live in Singapore, and I converted it to US dollars and I paid around US$60…

      You’re lucky it’s so much more cheaper there! 🙁

  15. Hmmm, this is like a really old post to be commenting on. hahaha. But I’d just like to ask, have you used TBS Skin Primer Moisturise It, or Matte It before? I tested it, feel real good. Just appeared in Herworld Beauty Awards. =)

    I personally don’t use primers. Using my sunscreen as makeup base. But I agree with Nur, might want to try just using BB Cream, can skip every if you find the right one. My personal favourite is Dr Jart, though TFS has just come out with their Hydro Splash, which is only $24.

    I didn’t know you live in Singapore! haha, hihi.

  16. hey thanks for the review im thinking about buying a tinted moisturizer but im deciding on what brand and what product. i heard alot of good reviews about this product including yours but it is very pricey and i simply don’t have the money to spend on this.

  17. Oh my gosh! my guess was correct! when I read these parts: “imported product”, “marked up price” and “only a small boutique selling it here” I made a guess that you live in singapore! and I was right! haha btw I’m based in singapore too 🙂 and I’ve been searching this product like crazy then I made a research.. the boutique is in ngee ann city right? Actually today I was on a hunt of this tinted moisturizer (before researching it) and I stopped at sephora. but because I couldn’t find it, I decided to try their new foundation. It’s called light veil foundation. and it’s a very light, soft looking foundation. and has the same finish as tinted moisturizer only that it lasts longer. you should try it! I bought this in replace of laura mercier, and I ‘got lost’ in your blog while making a research of this product and I was like WOW! $90?? heck I bought this sephora foundation for only $25. even cheaper than that revlon foundation I was planning to buy! hehe sory for the lengthy comment. I was shocked by the price :p

  18. I was at the Laura Mercier counter in Myer today and they sell it for $78, which is about $30 too much for me, though it suited my complexion perfectly and looked gorgeous, I really wanted to just buy it!, but common sense got the better of me and I told her I might be back one day with bigger pay check…

    it’s highway robbery…

  19. Hey Renee,
    Have you tried mixing your mineral powder foundation with your normal moisturizer?
    What do you think about it?
    Would love a review on the differences in a store bought tinted moisturizer opposed to your own made one! 🙂
    Really love your blog! Thanks!

  20. So.. I’ve been wanting so badly to buy the oil free version (since reading your blog post on Laura Mercier months ago) and every once in a while I wander into Myer or David jones and squeeze a little bit out of the tester tube and dream of being able to afford the $AU78 they are asking for it. Until the girl whom I spoke to when I was last in the store recognized me and we got to talking about how we are both (coincidentally) flying to Europe in July and how I needed a new tinted moisturizer. So she said she could give me a sample that will last until around the time I fly out. She was going to give me some of the oil free in a small tub, but instead found a small tube (yay!) of the normal (non oil-free) tinted moisterizer and told me, that even though it isn’t the oil-free, it should last me about a month until I come in again and decide if I want to buy the stuff and that I should try it anyway and see what I think. And surprisingly, it’s wonderful! Even though it’s not OIl-free, my skin still looked great even after I’d been wearing it since 3:30 am and looked in the bathroom mirror at lunchtime! SO I am super excited about buying the Oil-free, because judging from how good my (oily) skin looks with the non oil-free, the Oil-free is bound to be amazing! I think it might be well worth the price tag.

  21. Hi, i’ve been looking for this for months. where do you get laura mercier product in singapore??

  22. I’m a big LM fanatic and I’m a Singaporean living in Melbourne.

    Myers charge a ridiculous price for a tube of LM tinted moisturizer! (AUD78?) Sephora SG might carry LM but I’m not sure but if they do, they would probably cost double or triple the price in USA.

    I get my LM fix on http://www.strawberrynet.com (free worldwide shipping) and http://www.kissandmakeupny.com (USD 9.95 shipping)!

    I’ve bought almost everything that I need for my face now (TM, primer, lippie, blush, eyeshadow, loose powder, compact, secret concealer), gonna get my LM bath and body creme fix on my next haul!!!!

    Happy online shopping, ladies!

    PS : Asian ladies who are fair, my TM shade is ‘nude’ (if that helps!)… Sand would be way too dark!

  23. Tip :

    For those who have relatively flawless skin and need light coverage – Tinted Moisturizer is probably best for you.

    For those who have slight blemishes (previous and existing acne scars etc), Silke Creme Foundation provides medium to thick coverage.

    I have been using makeup for over 15 years and I have to say that LM’s products are nothing you have ever experienced on your skin! I have tried plenty of counter labels (not a drugstore brand user) but there is no foundation / TM like Laura Mercier’s ! Recommended to my sister and we have both found our HG foundation ! Amazingggggggg….

    It’s pricy but it’s worth every squirt from the tube and I swear with the high quality product, you just need 2 tiny pea-sized squirts for the whole face and a little goes a long way!!! I”m definitely a convert for life!

    Laura’s my new “BFF”!!!

    For ladies, who don’t mind paying to look good, you won’t regret!

  24. Hi Renee! I am not able to view your 33 comments..sorry for the trouble. Where do you get this Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer from? I heard its from Ngee Ann City..you know the shop name?

  25. Aruna,

    LM is available at True Colours in Ngee Ann City. Basement. Little corner next to Zara (where the escalator is located), just in front of the little alley that leads to the ladies.

  26. I tried the ILLUMINATING version of this moisturiser and ended up with the same result. Looked great at the beggining of the day and ended up looking oily by the end, I don’t think its just the climate as I tried this in a cold Canadian winter, and I have dry skin but had the same result 🙁

    If you are looking for ‘dewy’ and long lasting, my favourite so far has been MAC mineralize satinfinish 🙂

  27. Hi, Renee

    I passed by Sephora today and saw them having one shelf-full of Laura Mercier products, with the famed TM 1.7oz or 40ml selling at SGD68. It’s much cheaper than buying from the boutique. Recently I bought the flawless skin set online, with the original version of TM in nude, and I fell in love w it since then. Just a little dollap of the primer followed by TM and blush, I’m ready to go.

    I compared the original version and oil free version of TM in Nude shade, the original version seemed to be more pinkish than the yellowish base in oil free version. They do carry the illuminating version as well but they don’t have the full range of shades available. It’s a real steal at $68 and I’ll definitely get the full size once I finish the 1oz of TM, which will take forever.

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