Blog for Beauty is an independent beauty blog. I am always honest in all my posts and aim to keep this blog positive and post about things I love and want to share.

While many items featured on this blog have been bought and/or tested by myself in store, events, etc, I do sometimes accept samples from brands and PR reps. However, it is for consideration only and it does not guarantee a feature on the blog, nor a glowing review. These posts are published on my own timeline and are not open to pre-approval.

Information presented in this blog is a result of research, self-study and speaking with professionals in their field – all presented after my own personal experience. That being said, what may have worked for me may not work for you, and I am not responsible for information presented on my blog. Please always consult a licensed professional if you are unsure.


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I have the utmost respect for photographers and artists; and as someone in the creative industry, I know how important it is to get credit for your work. However, in the days of Pinterest, Tumblr, WeHeartIt and different copyright laws around the world, it can be quite hard. I credit all photographers and artists to the best of my ability, but sometimes I can’t find who the original source is, and therefore I will mark the image with “Unknown.”

If I have used an image that is yours, and you would like credit for it, please contact me and I will absolutely add your name and link to your website. Likewise, if I have used your image and you would like it removed completely, please contact me and it will be done so immediately.