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Lipcote: The Original Lip Sealer

Lipcote lipstick sealer reviewLipcote doesn’t need any introduction if you’ve been in the beauty game for awhile.

But if you’re new to all of this, allow me to introduce The Original Lipstick Sealer, a cult-beauty favorite since the 1950s.

I first heard about Lipcote from my BFF in London who is just as beauty crazy as myself. It was probably 8 years ago, while I was visiting her. It was during the trip I mentioned here, actually, when she gave me a small vial and said: “Try this. It’s AWESOME.”

Said to seal all lip color products – balm, lipstick, tint, stain, you name it – I was reintroduced to it again recently, and am just as happy with it as I was almost a decade ago.

Only thing is now, I use it on others than on myself, and it’s becoming a favorite in my makeup kit to make sure my client’s lip color stays on all day and night. (Especially helpful with bridal clients, as you can imagine.)

Housed in a very cute, nail polish like bottle, it has many characteristics as a nail polish, really – think of it like a top coat for your lipstick. One thin layer of Lipcote over your lips and say goodbye to lipstick bleeding, smudging and disappearing by lunch. It does have a strong smell, so that note of that, and it might tingle a bit on some lips.

So far, though, all my makeup clients have been happy with the result, and at such an affordable rate – less than 4 pounds! – it’s a no brainer for my kit, and a no brainier for anyone who needs some help with their lip color staying on. The trick is to keep it as one a thin layer, and I recommend using a separate lip brush to apply it on, instead of directly from the tube.

Either way – if you’re looking for something to help your lipstick and lip color stay on, I’m gonna have to echo my best friend: Try this. It’s awesome!

Available online at Amazon.com and Boots drugstores, one of my favorite places in the UK.

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