Lingering Scents (For Real)

How many times have you been told that a scent is “lingering” and “long lasting perfumes”, only for it to disappear within an hour or two?

For me, as a perfume addict, it’s one of my main frustrations with fragrance. It seems that the fragrances I love tend to have very little staying power.

And I finally, fairly found the answer!

I’m sure you’ve heard the whole “layer your scent” thing, where you apply several body products with the same scent; where, I suppose the logic is that more scented products = more scents. But I personally find that a little too high maintenance for me (I’m sure it works, though), but there’s a quick tip that works just as well, and takes less effort:

For long lasting perfume, all you have to do is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your skin, and spray your perfume over it.

The heat and moisture from Vaseline “soaks” in more of the fragrance, allowing the scent to simmer on your skin for awhile instead of evaporating quickly, and therefore making the scent last much longer. I can fully endorse this tip, as I have tried it countless times already. Definitely try this trick out!

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  1. I used to do this too!

    I never can smell my own fragrance either, but apparently everyone else can! Scents that I noticed have lasting power…

    Clinique “Happy” (One of my best friends used to swear by this!)
    Aqualina “Pink Sugar” (Currently using this religiously. It’s not expensive at all! Definitely on the ‘sweet’ side.)
    Estee Lauder “Beyond Paradise” (I have no clue why I stopped using this)

  2. Oh, I remember having on of those tiny sample bottles of Clinique’s Happy, and yes it was quite a strong fragrance so I definitely remember it had good staying power.

    I wonder it’s because after awhile our noses get used to the scent, but I seriously find some just disappear!

  3. Ohh, this is interesting!
    Yes, our noses get used to scents but I love it when I can sense it after a long day.
    But, isn´t Vaseline a little sticky?

    1. Hey Rosa!

      Not really sticky but more greasy, def. The trick is to apply a little but of it and really ‘rub’ it in. Also, applying it under clothes (like your chest area, if you’re wearing a tshirt) really helps. Tried it once and I smelt lovely the whole day haha 😛

  4. My high school scent was Clinque happy and it will forever stay as my signature scent. It is fresh and floral and really does make you feel happy!

  5. I heard that when you can’t smell your own perfume but others can, it’s a good thing. It means that the perfume suits you very well. (sorry for my bad english, i mostly speak french 😉

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