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How to: Look Good in Photos

look good in photos

Believe it or not, there is an art of how to look good in photos (just ask professional models), and if you tend to be a bit camera shy, look no further. Here are some tips on how to look good in photos.

All About the Angles

The most flattering angle is taken from slightly above. This slims down the face, makes your eyes the focus, etc. In selfie-world, this would mean having your phone camera higher and you’re looking up, or in real-life, that would mean the photographer is standing up, while you’re sitting down.

Another trick to have that flattering angle is to tilt your chin down slightly. Also, you can try another gorgeous angle: the 3/4 angle. Try tilting your face slightly to the side, so what the focus on the camera is 3/4 of your face. Think about which side – your left or your right side – looks better. For me, it’s my left side. Find what works for you, and angle it to show your best side.

Find the Light

Lighting is your best friend. Natural light is your bail-you-outta-jail BFF. Always have light facing your face – move your body/face towards the light source – for the most flattering, beautiful shot. This will minus weird shadows and cleans up the face beautifully: think clearer, brighter skin and fresher looking eyes.

Stand up!

You already know why standing up straight is so important for feeling confident. When taking photos, this is a must, so pull you shoulders back and stand up straight!

Also, if it’s a full body shot, take the weight off one leg and move it to the hip on the other side. This gives a nice little tilt your body and make it appear slimmer. It also generally looks very nice in photos versus a straight on shot, which can look a bit awkward. Look through red carpet photos and see what the celebs are doing – they have all sorts of cool full body poses, and you can pick up some ideas from them.

Makeup Guidelines

If it’s daytime and your makeup looks good in the mirror, luckily, it will look good in photos (again, just make sure you find the light). But for photos that will be in the evening and night time (read: camera flashes), then you will have to re-think your makeup, just a little bit. Camera flashes at times they can be terrible for us; think white, wash-out, shiny faces, every blemish on our skin as the focus and red eyes. The answer is mostly found in your makeup.

HD powder mishap Angelina Jolie

And by that I mean any makeup on your skin: foundation, concealer and powder. This is where mishaps can happen (even Angelina Jolie, right).

Make sure the foundation you’ll use is slightly more heavier in coverage to cancel out any skin redness, and giving a more uniform tone to your skin; and try to avoid any that has zinc, or sunscreen in it – that will give some flashback in photos.

This is thankfully not that much of a worry, but some formulas are so oily/creamy – like my beloved Laura Mercier Secret Concealer – that if you apply too much, you can get some weird shiny looking under eyes that even look like sweat. Not cute. The trick, of course, is to blend, blend blend, and not use too much concealer on the under eyes and on zits; as the difference in color to your skin will stick out in a camera flash.

Loose Powder
The main culprit of flash back these days! For loose powders – if there’s the ingredient “silica” in it, that means it is guaranteed to have flashback, like Angelina Jolie, if you use too much. The trick is to apply it sparingly, and then use a big fluffy brush and brush/blend the powder out at least 3 times.

Most of all, have fun!

As I mentioned in my post, How to Feel Confident in A Bikini, just have fun. Photos are all about capturing precious memories, and we all take bad photos once in awhile – even supermodels! Just smile, have fun (act natural!) and don’t think about how you’ll look too much. You’ll look your best when you’re genuinely happy in the photo.

What do you do to look good in photos? I’d love to know!

About the Author: Hi, I’m Renee, a makeup artist and person behind this blog! Blog for Beauty is an online resource for makeup & beauty tips, advice and reviews created with beginners & newbies in mind to to help you enhance your natural beauty so you look – and feel – great.

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