Let it Snow, Let it Reindeer

The Holiday collections of the beauty world have arrived in full force, are you ready?

First up from LUSH Singapore: First Snow and Fairy Dust dusting powders – fine scented powders that are made to keep areas smooth and dry, as well as adding a little shimmer to your body.

Dusting powders are pretty ‘old school’ in beauty – I’m willing to bet some of you don’t know what they are, but I’m also willing to bet your grandmother does! Dusting powders like these ones by Lush are used to soak up moisture and keeps your skin fresh and dry.

There are more dusting powders available at Lush, but these two – First Snow and Fairy Dust – are specially for Christmas, and what a treat they are! My favorite has to be Fairy Dust, which gives a slight shimmer to the skin, but really, what I’m obsessed about is that scent: if you want to smell like a sparkly, sweet cherry licorice, then this powder is as magical as it sounds. Sprinkle some onto your body before getting dressed for your Christmas parties this year, and your skin will stay fresh, dry and smelling sweet throughout a night of feasting, dancing, and celebrating.

If dusting powders are not your thing, then there is something else that caught my eye at the party: Santa’s Lip Scrub. I’ve been using it the past week and the little tub is incredible: it smells like Cherry Coke, keeps your lips flake free, and leaves them moisturized. And it even tastes great. (Yeah, it smelt so good, I actually tasted it. And apparently, the little heart shaped flakes are edible!)

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else, Lush has some cute little quirky beauty treats that I’m sure everyone will love.

Available at all LUSH stores nationwide. 

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