How to: Make Cream Blush Last Longer

Cream blush is one of my favorite makeup products, hands down. Ever since I tried this magical cream blush, there was no turning back.

Plus, now that my skin type is more on the dry side, I just can’t really do powders anymore. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I put powder on my face, except for powder eyeshadow!

make cream blush last longer
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That being said, cream blushes don’t tend to last long in general.

(Remember this post? I reckon that while I still think it’s got to do with MUFE’s formula, since I know their brand well and their other cream blushes lasts all day, a part of why it may not last is also because it’s simply a cream blush.)

Cream blushes tend to slide off the skin easier than powders due to its emollient formula; the creamy consistency makes it much harder to “stick” to skin like powder does.

So I thought today, since I’ve never written bout this yet on the blog…

How to Makeup Cream Blush Last Longer

Here are some ideas to help make cream blush last longer.

You don’t have to do all of these – they are individual tips, however at the same time you can do this all, one by one to really make your cream blush last (though I think it’s far too much effort for just making one product last on skin.)

1. Apply cream blush to a clean face, sans moisturiser.

If you can’t do without moisturiser, I reckon then just apply it everywhere except your cheeks. Make sure your face has been refreshed washed so that no natural oils from the skin is present just yet, which can mix with the cream blush and help it slide off.

2. Try a primer.

If you’re the type who needs some kinda of product between your skin and makeup, try a primer. Make sure it’s silicone based primer, and apply it to straight to clean skin to help make a smooth and somewhat sticky base, allowing the cream blush to truly stick onto your skin, and last all day.

3. Set it with powder.

After applying cream blush, you can “set” your cream blush with some sort of powder product. This seems to work the best, and is the easiest trick to help cream blush last longer.

Whether it’s a powder blush in the same color on top of the blush (which kinda defeats the purpose of the cream blush, but it really does work to keep the color on all day). If not, I’ve found a thin layer of loose powder works well too. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Translucent Powder and Make Up Forever HD Micro Finish Powder is fantastic for it.

4. Spritz on some makeup setting spray.

If you’re looking for the quickest way, it’s simply to spritz on some makeup setting spray onto the face, and that will also help the cream blush last longer on your skin.

Make sure it’s a makeup setting pray that dries to a matte finish, like my absolute favorite Skindinavia Oil Control Finishing Spray (I’ve used this on many brides and special event makeup). Don’t go for formulas that are have a dewy or even wet look, as that will sit help the blush to slide off.

Best Long Lasting Cream Blushes

  • Make Up For Ever HD Definition Blushes have a long lasting formula, so I was surprised with their cream contour palette didn’t last, like, at all. These blushes are highly pigmented and absolutely gorgeous – I’ve worked with them many, many times as a makeup artist and they are often used for bridal makeup, where makeup has to last all day with minimal touchups.
  • Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream. The cream blush that started it all, at least in my opinion. A true original and a fantastic product, used on many red carpets and is a celebrity and makeup artist favorite. They are extremely smooth to the touch but still has enough “tackiness” to make it last long on the skin.
  • & Other Stories Cheek & Lip Tint. But of course, this unassuming product is what started my love for cream blushes and is still one of my favorite cream blushes, especially the color in Dimple Peach, it’s one of the best pinky-peach blushes I’ve tried.

Is cream blush worth all this trouble?

You might be wondering that. My answer is yes, and no. I reckon still, while cream blush doesn’t tend to last long, you can still find good cream blushes that will last, like the ones I suggested above. But if you’re still struggling in making your cream blush last, my biggest tip is to apply it to clean, bare skin and then top off with some loose powder, which will help the lasting powder by at least a few more hours of wear.

Also, since cream blushes are so easy to use – just with your fingertips is my favourite application – then just pop them in for handbag and do some touchups every few hours. Personally, I never touchup my makeup thoughout the day, but that’s the price of cream blush I guess!

Over to you – how do you make your cream blush last longer? Do you have any other tips to add? I’d love to hear.

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