How to: Make Sweat-Proof Foundation (Quick Beauty DIY)

I think it’s time for another summer beauty tip! One on an important topic: sweat proof foundation.

(Although, this one can actually be useful year-round, especially if you tend to find that your foundation doesn’t stay on. Which I think is fairly common where I live – it’s hot, hot and hotter all the time.)

Because as you may have experienced, sometimes foundation, humidity and sweat just don’t mix well.

The answer?

Make Your Own Sweat Proof Foundation!

make sweat proof foundation
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Of course, buying a sweat proof foundation that claims to be long lasting and good for the heat and humidity might be the easier way. Or buying a foundation primer.

But honestly? They are just extra products and extra time in your routine. Plus, you can do this immediately.

You can also save some money and get your own sweat proof foundation with this easy DIY beauty trick. Allow me to introduce this clever beauty DIY I learnt from my friend.

The Discovery

The other day, I was getting ready with a friend at my house before going out.

I didn’t notice what she was doing too much, but when I saw her mix the greasiest-looking sunblock – think old school Coppertone, a beloved classic but still, very, very greasy – with her expensive Guerlain foundation, I blurted “what are you doing?!“. My friend nonchalantly replied that the water-resistance sunscreen makes the foundation hold better and survive a night of dancing, or, in general, the hot humid summer months.

In other words, she made her very own sweat proof foundation. Without having to spend money on any other product.

What. A. Genius – talk about a light bulb (beauty) moment!

It does make sense, though: these sweat proof sunscreens are made to last through water sports, laying on the beach, in the water… so the formula is extra strong, if you will. Also, if you can make your own tinted moisturizer by mixing together foundation and moisturizer (yes, you can do this, but the way), why not make your own sweat-proof, long-lasting, non-fade foundation?

And so this post was born.

How to: DIY Sweat Proof Foundation:

What do you need to make sweat proof foundation? Easy: your regular foundation, and a sunscreen that says it’s “sweat proof”. Next:

1. Use foundations as you normally would. First, squeeze a bit of foundation on the back of your hand. Squeeze out the normal amount you do for your full face, usually a few pea sized amounts.

2. Add in the sunscreen. Next, add a few drops of some sweat-proof, water-resistant sunblock directly from the tube into the foundation.

3. Mix it together. Mix the foundation and sunscreen together, either with your index finger or a foundation brush, and then apply the foundation to your face as normal. I know many may think that applying sunscreen and then foundation on top, separately, will do the trick, but in my experience, you gotta really mix the two formulas together. And don’t worry if the sunscreen makes your foundation a little lighter, it should apply normally to you face after. Again, just remember to blend it all out, and there’s be no white cast or anything like that.

4. Finishing it off. If you really want your foundation to last, apply a light dusting of loose powder on top. This is guaranteed to make your foundation last all day – whether in the heat and humidity, the gym, a concert or a night out dancing.

sunscreen myths and facts

Best Sunscreens to Mix With

I’ve found that some sunscreens are better to mix with foundation than others. Here are a few of my favorites to make sweat proof foundation with:

In my experience, Neutrogena makes some of the best drugstore sunscreens. When in doubt, I reckon to opt for an oil-free sunscreen if you can, as sunscreen in itself is already quite greasy, and an oil free version will allow your foundation to look a little but more matte. Because that’s the whole point, to make your face and foundation look matte instead of sweaty/shiny.

What about the foundation?

If you’re looking for some foundation recommendations, check out my following posts as well:

Bottom Line

Et voila, sweaty face be gone! If you try this out, please let me know how it works for you, and how it was to make your own sweat proof foundation. And I know what you might be thinking – sure, you can always use a foundation primer to make foundation stay on, but this may actually be more fun, no?

What do you think? Will you be making your own sweat proof foundation any time soon?

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  1. I would NEVER have thought to do this!! I’m excited to try it out! Maybe now I won’t need so many different foundations for different occasions and etc. =)
    I will let you know when I experiment with this!

  2. I’ve actually tried this. I had a tinted moisturizer that was way too tan and mixed it with Neutrogena Face SPF and it worked really well in toning down the tint. Not only did it provide sunblock but I also got a dewy look. The key is to really use a little bit of sunblock because it could wash out the color if you use too much or if you use too much you could get a greasy look. I mix both in the palm of my hand and apply.

  3. I’ve put on sunscreen on my face then layered foundation over it to get sun protection but I haven’t thought about actually mixing the two! I will definitely try it out

  4. I’m going to try it. I’ve been mostly using BB creams + powder in this hot, humid weather since anything else doesn’t last on my face. But if this works, I can start using my liquid foundation in the summer again.

    1. Dont waste you time with BB its nothing! But Rimmel has two primers and if you use both first the white with blue letters then white with burgundy writing, followed by Super Stay Liquid micro-flex it does say 24hr. wear and no transfer, but its a lie! sorry.But do it this way and then powder and all your other stuff and it works pretty darn good.But another awsome trick is leg make-up by Sally Hanson Its water resistant already! Love it, i use it everywhere! Enjoy girls!

  5. the particles in sunblock that reflect the sun can also flash back white in photos. Could be an idea for a day on the beach but I wouldn’t be game to try it at a wedding or somewhere you’re guaranteed to be photographed. However if anyone has success with this I’d be willing to try it 😉

    1. Ah, that’s true Courtney. It might depend on the sunscreen, though? Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I agree – on a wedding stay clear of ANYTHING that could bring out oil/greasiness.

  6. Well, it’s definitely worth a try. Where did you get the sukí-colour foundation from? I’ve tried tp find it, but it seems that they’re only selling it in a single store here in Denmark 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness! I love e.l.f! They sell it at Target in the U.S. But you can still buy it online. Its actually pretty good makeup. And most of their products rang from $1- $5 (US currency)!! I just got the waterproof liquid eyeliner and tinted moisterizer with SPF. Both of which I love! I mixed some water/sweat-proof sunblock with the tinted moisterizer the other day to go shopping and it held the entire day! 😀 I was so suprised. This trick really is awesome!!

        1. Hannah, I’m so glad it worked for you! Awesome. Will remind my friend she is a genius. And MAKEUP FOR $1?! I’m in! I’m not sure if they have e.l.f. here but I will ask around. I VAGUELY remember seeing it here but am not 100% sure. Thanks for the rec! Are there any products from e.l.f. that is a “must have” I should check out? xx

          1. Wow, that sounds great! I just went shopping on their webside, because the prices are amazing! I´m really excited to get the products.

          2. Renee. They have e.l.f in sg!! My friends’s friend for work for them. Anyways i have try out ur tip. It seems to be working.. Yay!!!

          3. But though they have elf here it’s cheaper to spree online. Seriously US$1! But I got a few things from there and not raving about it. Some products are good though 🙂 like the eyeshadows

  7. Tried something similar a while ago, but it didn’t work out too well. I think there was an issue with differences in the base of the foundations and sunscreens (I don’t know if that actually makes any sense).
    Essentially (I think) the different bases, oil and water based I presume, cause the foundation to just sit on top of the sunscreen and formed little droplets of foundation all over my face. 🙁
    I haven’t tried it since, but to anyone who’s going to try this make sure that your foundation and sunscreen have the same base so that they blend properly.

  8. Hahah Renee you’re so cute!! lol!! sounds like a good tip! shall try it one day 😀
    And I will update you soon!! Just finished my final exams today so I will get to it soon :)!!

  9. This idea sounds pretty good but it kind of scares me! i have such oily skin to begin with, would adding sunblock increase the oiliness?

    1. That’s what I thought! Those non-cosmetic sunblocks are so greasy so I was so hesitant that it would work, but from my friend and some of the comments here, it apparently does! I suppose if the sunblock is oil-free, it should be OK?

      1. ok now im totally going to try it! Do you have any blog post, or recommendations related to a good oil-free facial sunblock? I always have trouble finding a good one!

  10. Oh my gosh this is actually a terrific idea, I don’t think I’ve tried this before. But reading through the comments in this entry, I suppose you have to do some mixing and matching before you get the right sunscreen and foundation that won’t budge 🙂 I’m a little late but congratulations on your Harper’s Bazaar feature, V! It must have been so exciting for you and your family! I can’t wait to grab a copy when I fly back next week, take care and I’ll see you soon x

  11. I have actually had this recommended to me by a friend of mine who worked for Bobbi Brown and I must say that this is one of the best tips she (and you) could ever give. The humidity doesn’t stand a chance for this combo and late-night partying just ended up giving me a dewy look. I would so recommend doing this and I hope you have fantastic results as well. The only thing I would add is that if you have dry skin, moisturize first or else, the sunscreen will have a heavier feel to it and if you have oily skin, use less sunscreen than foundation. Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks so much for your added tips, Mira! Yep – moisturize always. It always give your skin a great “base” for whatever you put on it next, be it your foundation or your clever foundation/sunscreen mix! 🙂

  12. Such a great tip for the beach & summer in general! (Also, weddings & parties) What a good idea, I’ll definitely try it out

  13. This is such a great idea… I hate the heat and humidity because my makeup always melts off. grrr… I will try this… definitely. 🙂

  14. hey babe wuts a good sunblock dat is anti sweat or water resistant so far i had tried one very good one SVR50 bought my friend derma but they dont carry anymore :(. I really nned a good sunblock which dont make me sweat under foundation …cheers

  15. I used to mix my foundation & sunblock but never
    found a sweatproof sun block. I have a disease
    & side effect is sweat. So unladylike like & gross.
    If this works I’ll be one happy lady!

  16. Hi, i’m from Trinidad n i’ve been reading your blogs for sometime now and it seems very interesting. My problem is i’ve acne n i use loreal infallible make up cuz my skin is very oily n no matter what, i still have to pat powder about 3 times for d day at work. What can i do to improve it?

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