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The Curious Case of the Disappearing Contour

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette reviewIt saddens me to say this – because I genuinely adore Make Up For Ever and I am an alumni of their academy – but this is the first product from them that disappointed me.

I initially got the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette because I love a good cream blush.

I had been using a gorgeous one by & Other Stories and I was also using their cream contour for awhile now. I still love them, but after almost 2 years, the products have went bad/expired – and since we don’t have the brand here in Singapore (I bought mine in London) I looked for an alternative.

Wanting to replace these items (mistake #1; you should always stick with what works for you) I saw MUFE released this cute palette and thought it was perfect, as it combined the 2 products I had already. The palette, as you can see, also contains 2 highlighters – one matte for sculpting the face and one shimmery for other areas – but I don’t really use highlighters so I barely used those, but did the past week just to test it out as well for the sake of this review.

Verdict: Eh?

If I apply the Pro Sculpting Palette on my bare face with no makeup on my skin (which is sometimes), then it looks incredible. The formula is easy to blend and the colors are gorgeous. The palette itself is genius – quick and easy to use.

However, if I have any product on underneath it – be it BB cream, sunscreen, foundation – it actually disappears. It’s the strangest thing!

It will look amazing on for about an hour, and then I would be in the bathroom, looking in the mirror wondering where the heck did my cheeks go. It would be like I was literally wearing no makeup on my cheeks. (I say cheeks because I only contour my cheekbones and add the blush on my cheeks, I don’t do a full contoured face or anything like that.) For the sake of this review, I tested the highlighters too, and while I still saw some slight shimmer, I’d say it also disappeared.

This is an expensive product (I used my pro discount, but it was still expensive) so I researched a lot beforehand – and it got good reviews – so I am disappointed. Such a great product in theory, but didn’t work for me. I am genuinely puzzled too, how or why it just disappeared like that? Perhaps it doesn’t suit Singapore’s heat and it just melts off?

Whatever the case, it’s time to ring my BFF in London to send over a & Other Stories haul!

Have you tried the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette?


Thanks for the review! I’ve heard good things too but always take shiny reviews with a grain of salt now, as you said it’s such an expensive product!! I’ll try in the store and see if it disappears on me too.


I hope it’ll work/last for you Laney! ‘Cause it’s a really great product otherwise.


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