I Want My Make Up For Ever (Part 2)

make up for ever singaporeIt’s kinda funny how, before enrolling to their makeup academy last spring, I had never used any Make Up For Ever products.

But now?

It’s a brand I seem to be only using, and really loving.

For the last few weeks I have been assisting on-set of Mediacorp’s TV show Tanglin, where MUFE sponsors the makeup used on all the cast.

Then, last weekend, also worked at a consumer event for the brand (giving makeovers, which I think may be my calling: SO. MUCH. FUN), and during this time I have been re-introduced to a lot of their products.

Since then, I’ve been reaching for their products for the bridal work I’ve been doing, and so I think all this begs another post: another round up of my favorite products from the brand I would recommend.

1. Water Blend Foundation.

This is a brand new product – so new, I couldn’t even find a place to buy it online yet! I have no further details, except definitely keep an eye out for this one.

The name kinda says it all: if you’re looking for that dewy, hydrated look, you can blind-buy this. It’s incredible.

2. Full coverage concealer.

This baby can cover tattoos, really bad dark eye circles, you name it.

It’s really full coverage and it only requires minimal touchup. It’s easy to use and I’m really loving the formula. (The HD concealer is also pretty good.)

It’s especially great for Singapore weather, where our heat can literally melt our makeup off!

3. HD Translucent powder.

I may have recommended this before but when you’re doing several women at a time with different skin tones, it is quicker to apply one translucent color on them. I like the pressed powder version of this even more than the loose powder version, though.

And HD powder, while it can be tricky, is great because it can be used universally, it’s quick and easy, super fine and makes your skin look great.

4. 7 Rouge Artist Lip Palette lipsticks.

I am falling in love with MUFE’s lip palettes, which are full of great pigment and are long lasting.

On the night I did speed makeovers for Make Up For Ever, I even used some of them as a cream blush, and I reckon they’re just as good and beautiful as blush. In fact, they should just name the palette to a Lip and Cheek palette!

Either way, their lip palettes are great if you’re a makeup artist and need them in your kit, or just someone who loves lipstick and changing up their look everyday.


I want to save the best for last:

Pro Sculpting Palette.

This pro sculpting kit is a 4-color palette with a contour color, 2 highlight shades and a blush color, all in a smooth cream formula.

I am not the biggest fan of powders anymore, especially for personal use – I think this cream blush and this new brand, with their awesome eyeshadow sticks, has changed my mind! – and so this kit is the perfect “face” color kit for me.

There are 4 different palettes for every skin tone, and the colors are so natural looking, like you’re not wearing that much makeup (you can build on it, of course).

Happy shopping!

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