Makeup for Beginners: A Personalized Guide to All Things Makeup


If you’re new to makeup though, you’ll know how overwhelming it can be – there are literally thousands of products available today, with so much information, tips and techniques as well. How do you know which is right for you?

That’s why I created this book.

Is this just another makeup book?

In Makeup for Beginners, you’ll learn what techniques you actually need to know (and what you should ignore) and which products, colors and textures will suit your skin tone, skin type, and lifestyle… right away.

Forget years of trial and error – let me show you the best for you right now, in a way that makes life easier.

As a professional makeup artist and beauty expert, I’ve been known to read a makeup book or two in my career. I’ve found that books on the market today, are filled with so much information – most not remotely useful or needed for the everyday makeup user – in a way that is too confusing and overwhelming. These books are filled with countless fashion and editorial images, and while beautiful, has nothing to do with makeup in real life, for the everyday, real woman. I wanted to create something different.

Makeup for Beginners is a straight-forward, simple go-to guide that you can read today, tomorrow or in a few years time to truly cut through all the “noise” and get back to basics, what you really need to know, and what really works.

What you’ll get inside:

  • A straight-forward guide to every makeup product
  • Best products, formulas and colors you can use right away.
  • Easy-to-understand techniques, tricks and tips
  • How to make your makeup last, proper makeup removal, and more
  • Makeup for every occasion – work, school, dates, glasses wearers and more
  • A complete Makeup for Beginner’s Shopping Guide – find out what you really need (and what you actually don’t).
  • PLUS! A HUGE chapter where I answer all beginner makeup questions, as submitted by you


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A peek inside…

95+ pages of easy to understand, straight-talking makeup tips and advice – and one that is easy to refer to time and time again!


(Instant download after Paypal purchase)


About the Author

singapore-makeup-artist-reneeRenee L. is a beauty editor turned makeup artist trained at Make Up For Ever Academy, and veteran beauty blogger (named one of the best in the world by Italian Vogue).

She’s been writing, testing, and researching about makeup & beauty products since 2006, and have witnessed firsthand how the beauty world, its products, trends and techniques have changed over the years.

It’s pretty overwhelming today, to say the least, with all the new brands, products, “gurus”… and she created Makeup for Beginners as a guide that is straight-forward, simple to understand and easy to refer back to. She can’t wait for you to read it!