A Game Changing Mascara Tip

beauty tip of the weekI last talked about my mascara tips in Best. Mascara. Tips. Ever! and I wanted to mention this one mascara application tip, but it’s SO good and such a huge game changer that I reckon it deserves it’s own post.

Before I became a makeup artist, you may know that I had been beauty blogging, and at that time, all the information I got was from personal research and experimenting/testing myself. And I distinctively remember reading about an amazing mascara tip from another makeup artist (I forgot who, I’m afraid).

So, this week, I wanted to share it with you, because it will make such a big difference, especially if mascara from your top lashes tend to always smudge onto your under eye area. To prevent this, you should apply mascara to the lower lashes first, then the top lashes.

This makes so much sense, because think about it: Applying mascara to your bottom lashes first works much better, because they will “catch” any mascara from your top lashes when you blink. In other words, any smudges or leftover mascara from your top lashes will touch your bottom lashes only, instead of smudging to the rest of your under eye area. (Of course though, if you do still make a mistake, I’d recommend this Q-Tip Remover Trick.)

Am I making sense? Perhaps it’s hard to explain. But just try it out: apply your mascara on your bottom lashes first, and you’ll see why this is a game changer! I’ve been doing this for years and it’s the best.


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