9 Micellar Water Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Regime

Micellar water, a unique cleanser and makeup remover hybrid, it is one of the greatest beauty innovations to leave France in recent years.

It’s also one of my all-time favorite beauty products, ever. 

And because I’m so obsessed with them, I’ve actually found other ways to use them as well!

micellar water hacks and uses
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Here are my list of other ways to use the micellar water. I like to call them micellar water hacks:

1. Micellar water as a no-rinse hand wash.

No time to wash your hands after testing products at the makeup counter?

Or perhaps you want to wash your hands before eating, and you’re at a restaurant, and have no idea – nor patience – to look for the bathroom?

Thanks to its no-rinse formula, micellar water would be perfect as a hand wash.

It is meant to clean your skin, after all, so there is really no reason why you can’t use it as a quickie hand wash. Simple squirt a drop into your hands and rub into to cleanse the hands.

Even better is if you have a moisturising formula too – your hands will not only be properly cleaned, but super soft as well!

2. Micellar water to clean makeup brushes.

The most common way, and the easiest way to wash makeup brushes is to simply use water and baby shampoo.

As any makeup artist knows – we all know that for quickie makeup brush cleansers, micellar water is the answer.

I use micellar water as makeup brushes cleaners for a various of reasons.

The first is that it is quick. Squirt a few drops of micellar water onto a paper cloth, and swirl your makeup brushes on it. It will remove any product from the makeup brush – as well as any dirt, grime, dust – beautifully. Do it a few times and your makeup brush will be good as new.

The other reason why this method of brush washing is favoured is because it’s quick dry.

Micellar water is a no-rinse formula – as such, the liquid is made to evaporate and dry out quickly, and will do so on your makeup brush with no residue. You can always try this method with normal makeup remover, but your makeup brushes will have this slimy, oily residue on it.

With micellar water, it’s an instant clean, instant dry. Perfect for quick touch ups on the train, in the bathroom or any other emergencies.

Two micellar waters we used to clean makeup brushes that worked fabulously were Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micellar Water and Simple Micellar Cleansing Water.

3. Micellar water to remove perfume.

If you’ve ever have the experience of trying out a perfume at the beauty counter and it turned nasty on your skin, you’ll love this one.

Micellar water is the perfect perfume remover. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the misfortune of trying on a bad scent, only to run to the bathroom and try to remove the rancid scent off with soap and water. I can spoil it for you: it doesn’t work as well as you think it would.

Micellar water, on the other hand, somehow works a treat. Its simple: put some miceallar water on a cotton pad or tissue and rub some of the perfume off!

Perhaps because micellar water is a skincare item and penetrates deeper into the skin to remove the perfume, I don’t know. But all I know is it works.

And this is not just for perfume you may have tried out from the store, of course – use this trick anytime you feel you’ve overdone or put too much perfume on yourself, as well.  Also useful if you applied a little too much perfume – simply remove some of it.

4. Micellar water as an on-the-go spray cleanser.

Now, a word of caution: I’ve never tried this one, so to speak.

However, this is a trick for emergency situations for when you need super quick application and cleaning.

Put some micellar water in a spray bottle and use it as an on the go cleanser to get rid of dirt and pollution and grime that gets on your face, like when you’re going hiking or camping. (Only when you’re not wearing makeup of course.)

Just spritz on your face, rub with a tissue and you’re good until you get home for a proper scrub.

5. Micellar water as a stain remover.

This tip came to us after a “fail”. I was wearing one of my favorite red lipsticks (this one) and pulled over another favorite, white sweater.

Lo and behold, a tiny smudge of red lipstick went on the sweater, and I panicked. What to do?!

I then spotted some micellar water sitting on our bedside table and got to work.

I grabbed the micellar water that was on my desk, and quickly squirted some on it, and used a tissue to furiously rub on top of the lipstick, hoping it would work.

And guess what? It removed the stain completely, but you have to be quick.

6. Micellar water as makeup corrector.

Micellar water, in its essence is also a makeup remover, so why not use it as a makeup corrector as well?

Put some micellar water in a travel sized tube container for an on-the-go eraser for lipstick smudges, mascara flaking and eyeliner smudges.

Simply dip it in a Q-tip to clean up mascara smudges or to soften harsh foundation lines.

If you’re not a fan of the Q-tip, you can even use it daily as a corrector when your doing your makeup look.

Just take a thin makeup brush – eyeliner and lip brushes work best – dip it in the micellar water and “correct” any mistakes you may have made. (Especially helpful when trying to master liquid eyeliner.)

7. Micellar water to remove fake eyelashes.

Again, since micellar water is tecnically makeup remover and can technically go around your eyes, I can’t think of a better product for removing false eyelashes.

Any false lash gal will know that ripping off your fake lashes is terrifying – so instead of ripping your fake eyelashes off, apply some miceallar water on a pad and press it against the false lashes base first, and gently rub.

The micellar water will loosen up the lash glue so you don’t have to pull to hard on your precious eyelids, and you can very gently pull your eyelashes off.

Besides, excess pulling and tugging around the eyelid area can create premature sagging and eye drop, which we’re sure doesn’t sound attractive to any woman!

8. Micellar water as a post-workout refreshing wipe.

Perhaps one of my most favourite and useful micellar water hacks is to use it after the gym. Use it like you would any cleansing wipe after a workout.

It will get rid of all that stick, sweaty smells and residue, not to mention it’s very cooling. Simply apply a cool cloth – or a tissue paper – and rub on face, neck and decollate. Say it with me… aaaah! Talk about refreshing.

9. Micellar Water as a self-tan or hair dye remover.

When applying both self-tanner and/or hair dye, there will always be a little bit of mishaps. Perhaps you got some hair dye on your ears.

Or perhaps you ever applied the self tan and now your hands are a bit too orange.

You guessed it – try micellar water to remove will remove it! Act quickly, and it will remover 100% of any mishaps, stains and such. (If you wait a bit, you may find yourself scrubbing for harder and longer – but it will come out.)

What do you think about my micellar water hacks? I’d love to know if you’ve tried them out, or if you have any other micellar water hacks to add to this post!

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  1. Woah! Thats a whole heap of good ideas! I already use it to clean any makeup mishaps and brush cleanser. Can’t wait to put others tips into use. Superb post!

  2. Actually genius ideas! Never thought of it as an on the go brush cleaner or cleanser! And perfect for the gym.

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