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9 Ways to Use Micellar Water

Like the rest of the beauty world, I am obsessed with micellar water, a cleanser and makeup remover hybrid.

It is one of the greatest exports in the recent years from the and one of my all-time favorite beauty products, ever, and I believe a must-have for every woman. (Especially, as you know, the important of removing your makeup properly!)

micellar water uses

And because I’ve been so obsessed with them, I’ve actually found other ways to use them as well:

On-the-go hand wash. No time to wash your hands after testing products at the makeup counter? Or need to wash your hands before eating? Thanks to it’s no-rinse formula, micellar water would be perfect! I mean, it is a cleaner for your face… so why not for your hands too? Squirt a drop into your hands and rub.

Clean your makeup brushes. You know how they say to clean your makeup brushes by adding some baby shampoo in water? Well, why not use micellar water? Also great for on-the-spot brush cleaning: Drop some micellar water in a paper towel and swirl your makeup brush on top of it to get rid of the product.

Use to remove perfume. Tried out a perfume at the counter that turned nasty? Put some miceallar water on a cotton pad or tissue and rub it off! Also useful if you applied a little too much perfume – simply remove some of it.

On-the-go spray cleanser. Put it in a spray bottle and use it as an on the go cleanser to get rid of dirt and pollution and grime that gets on your face, like when you’re going hiking or camping. (Only when you’re not wearing makeup of course.) Just spritz on your face, rub with a tissue and you’re good until a proper scrub.

Getting rid of stains. One night I smudged red lipstick on my sweater, and, because it was 4am and I didn’t know what to do (and let’s face it: was too lazy to move away from my seat), so I grabbed my micellar water that was on my desk with me and used it to clean my top. And guess what? It removed the stain, but you have to be quick.

Use an a makeup corrector. Put some miceallar water in a travel sized tube container for an on the go eraser for lipstick smudges, mascara flaking and eyeliner smudges. Or, while sitting down and applying your makeup, take a thin brush, dip it in the micellar water and “correct” any mistakes you may have made. (Especially helpful when trying to master liquid eyeliner.)

Skin cleanser. Some French women are using it in place of an actual, in-shower cleanser. Try it out for yourself and see if it works for you. It is also a great “step 1” in the double cleansing method.

Remove fake eyelashes. Since micellar water is tecnically makeup remover and can go around your eyes, instead of ripping your fake eyelashes off, apply some miceallar water on a pad and press it against the false lashes base first, and gently rub. The water will loosen up the glue so you don’t have to pull to hard on your precious eyelids – excess pulling and tugging can create premature sagging.

A refreshing cleansing wipe after a workout. Hot, sweaty, sticky and smelly? Apply miceallar water to a cool cloth and rub on face, neck and decollate. Say it with me… aaaah!

P.S. How to Cleanse Your Skin, The Right Way.

micellar water uses

About the Author: Hi, I’m Renee, a makeup artist and person behind this blog! Blog for Beauty is an online resource for makeup & beauty tips, advice and reviews created with beginners & newbies in mind to to help you enhance your natural beauty so you look – and feel – great.


These are such great ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of, thanks for sharing!

xo, Liz


Woah! Thats a whole heap of good ideas! I already use it to clean any makeup mishaps and brush cleanser. Can’t wait to put others tips into use. Superb post!


What a great post!!!! Now why didn’t I think of any of that?? Thanks, Renee. 🙂


Actually genius ideas! Never thought of it as an on the go brush cleaner or cleanser! And perfect for the gym.


These are so true! These are the reasons why I kept on repurchasing this product 🙂


Indulging yourself with micellar water. I’m No. 7 ! Thanks for sharing x_x


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