Miracle Product for Hair: Dry Shampoo

I start this post with a confession …. I hate washing my hair. It’s so annoying! I’d rather daydream in the shower. This is probably why I don’t wash it often, and before you scream – it’s actually normal.

Shampooing your hair 3 times a week compared to daily allows the natural oils from the hair condition it, which is actually better for the hair.

That being said, there is a miracle product that does help out in between washes if you need, and its name is dry shampoo.

Dry shampoos help clean, absorb grease, scent the hair, and creates light volume. Plus, it gets makes the hair look a whole lot better in general. I highly recommend it for those lazy days – it is really a great product. I’m currently using Batiste and it not only works, but is as cheap as chips – a real winner. You can find it online here.

What are your thoughts on dry shampoo? Is it one of your must-have products? Also, if you have any other brands to recommend, do tell!

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