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I’m writing this review with buyer’s regret (the opposite kind, if there is one).

Miu miu perfume singapore

You see, the first Miu Miu perfume, out now, was SO hyped up – everyone’s been waiting for a Miu Miu perfume – that I actually contemplated “blind-buying” it at a Milan airport recently, although in the end I didn’t.

I so wish I did get it though, because fast forward a week or so later, and I’m at Sephora, with that hard-to-miss bottle staring at me from across the room, calling my name. I made a beeline for it, and…

A standing ovation to Miu Miu, please.

All I can really say is that while it’s touted as a fresh, green, floral fragrance (and I suppose it is, with its notes of Lily of Valley, Rose, and the mysterious “green notes”), I can honestly say it’s a slightly more grown up, modern version of Britney Spears’ Curious.

And so I instantly fell in love because Curious was such a game-changer in the perfume industry – whether anyone wants to admit it or not – and a best-seller in its own right. (And one of my favorite fragrances of all time, as embarrassing as that is.)

Miu Miu’s perfume, however, is just as feminine, as playful and youthful as Britney’s – but a little fresher and thankfully less sickly-sweet like almost all celebrity fragrances. (You know I love sweet perfumes, but the celebrity ones really push it.)

I could’ve sworn Miu Miu had some white florals in it – magnolia, especially – because there’s a “balmy” edge about it that I can only describe as white flowers, but still, if you’re looking for a fresh, everyday scent, definitely check Miu Miu out.

Also, let’s talk about the bottle for a sec, since that’s on everyone’s lips: while the bottle is very fun and something I appreciate; I’m pretty indifferent since it’s not my style – I prefer my perfume a bit more classic in that sense. I do, however, wonder if they will give Marc Jacobs a run for their money in terms of quirky, and interesting bottle designs – ’cause you’ve definitely got some big competition now, MJ!

Have you tried the Miu Miu perfume yet? What did you think? If you haven’t, you can get the fragrance at Sephora island-wide, or online at where it’s actually much cheaper.

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