Concealer With Extra Benefits

beauty tip of the weekToday I have something for those who are either suffering from dark under eyes circles and/or concerned about aging around the eyes.

Since you’re using concealer to cover up your dark eye circles, why not make take your concealer even further, and make it to be one that also treats your under eye concerns as well?

What I mean is, why not have a concealer that acts as both makeup and under-eye treatment? And why not make your own?

All you have to do is mix a drop of anti-aging eye cream with your under-eye concealer, then apply as normal. This will make a concealer that not only covers your dark eye circles,but also acts as a treatment and will plump up the underage area too, giving it a more youthful appearance.

This is also a makeup artist trick to help the concealer blend and apply more smoothly, especially for the concealers with a more dry, dense formula, like this one, one of the best concealers on the market, but is better used when mixed with a moisturizer of some sort.

(Which also, sidenote, you can mix your concealer with your normal moisturizer as well if you don’t have an eye cream – extra moisture around the eye area will always helps with moisturizing. As I mentioned here, I believe that the only thing you really need for “anti aging” is sunscreen and moisture, so any moisturizer will work.)

For this trick, just make sure it doesn’t get anywhere in your eyes, always keep your concealer in the under eye area.

This trick will also work with concealer that you use for zits and blemishes – just mix concealer with a drop of your favorite pimple cream, and voila! A concealer that not only covers your zit, but treats it as well.

There are actually endless possibilities, if you think about it. Let me know if you try this out and what you think.

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  1. This my favorite all time quick fix for covering up my dark circle. This trick works all the time plus it keep your under eyes cool as well.

  2. In theory, this sounds good, but serums and moisturisers are formulated to permeate into your epidermis. By mixing them with a concealer, the makeup itself may also “seep” in, and becomes extremely difficult to remove (most of the time, trace amounts your eye can’t detect will still remain).

    1. I agree with Louise on this one. Theoretically, it sounds great and very useful, but I wouldn’t want any of my makeup seeping into my skin with the nourishment of serums and treatment creams.

      Best to have a concealor that has anti-inflammatory properties instead of DIY-ing.

      Remember, you only have but 1 face throughout your life. Take care of it!

  3. I use tinted moisturizer, isn’t that make up and moisturizer together? How about my serum that I recently bought, it says to ‘apply serum before moisturizer or putting on make-up’? What’s the difference if I just rub them all together and apply it at one go?

    1. Tinted moisturiser is specifically formulated to hydrate and give minimal coverage. The reason why as to you should apply the serum first is so that it can fully absorb into your skin, moisturising, as well as preventing your skin from “drinking” up the foundation, especially if you have large pores.

  4. Kind of posting late in the game but I Just came across your site and thought I’d share a little of my thoughts on this subject-it is my understanding that concealers/correctors/contouring and highlighting cosmetics and foundation look best when they r blended into the skin not just laying on the top-unless its a very thick concealer designed for correcting major imperfections or silicone based products. Ive gotten this info from reading many current makeup artistry books from artist like Scott Barnes, Eve Pearl, Gretchen Davis and Mindy Hall, Robert Jones (I’m currently taking his online program, which by the way is very good), and countless others. Many of them often remark on the benefits of mixing facial cosmetics with small amounts of your skin care products. When we prep the face prior to color application the skin needs to be adequately hydrated/moisturized-there are even moisturizing and/or mattifying sprays designed to be spritzed onto the face after cosmetic application.-I just use my CVS moisturizing toner! If u spritz a light mist after your final touch up with setting powder it tones down that “over powdered” look and gives a slight dewy look without being oily.

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