Let There Be Light: The Importance of Lighting When Makeup Shopping

This may be a tip veteran beauty addicts may know, but for makeup beginners? This is a must-know when makeup shopping.

One of the best thing’s you can do while shopping for new colors; be it foundation, blush or eyeshadow, is to remove yourself from the harsh, florescent lights of the store, and go out and inspect the color in the natural sunlight. (Striking a dramatic pose like the model above is optional.)

I learnt this tip the hard way when I was still in school.

One day before class I stopped over at Bobbi Brown counter (the joys of having your university next to a shopping mall!) to look for a neutral, taupe eyeshadow. I asked to try one on and immediately bought it, ’cause it looked so good. However, while in the bathroom mid-class, I noticed the true color: it looked like someone flicked mud across my eyelids, and then punched me for that extra purple hue.

Luckily I was able to go back and exchange the horrendous color, but still – moral of the story? Go in the daylight and check out your color first. (Oh, and a hand held mirror in your bag at all times is probably a good idea, too.)

Now that I’m a makeup artist and know a bit more about makeup and colors in general, I know why: colors look great in the store due to tricky lighting (that’s the point, to sell), but in real life? Not always. This is especially important for face makeup such as foundation and concealer.

Do you do this while shopping for new makeup colors? If not, I highly recommend it, you wouldn’t believe how different colors can look in the sunlight.

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