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Natural Skincare at Sephora

Sephora Singapore kindly gifted me with the most gorgeous box of products several weeks ago, showcasing some of their natural skincare offerings. I’ve been slowly testing things out to report back, and here are some of my favorites of the bunch:

Natural skincare Sephora Singapore

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. I’ve heard that this was a “cult product” and one of Caudalie’s most popular products, and now I can see why! I am not very familiar with the Caudalie brand and so this is such a nice introduction. The moisturizer really does feel like a sorbet – a sweet strawbeterr sorbet. It is light, airy, cooling and sinks right into skin and feels naturally soft and smooth without and greasy film afterward. I really like this one!

REN Skincare Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel. Again, this is my first introduction to the Ren brand, but I obviously have a soft spot for it since it is my nickname or whatever. The Rose cleanser is gorgeous – so gentle, moisturizing and skin feels supple and soft afterward, with a light rose scent. No reactions from me, which is my favorite part.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I wish I had brought this over my recent weekend getaway, ’cause I probably slept a total of 6 hours all weekend! I know quite a bit about aromatherapy, my cousin is an enthuatist and has told me so much, and I know that lavender works to help you sleep – my cousin swears by it, my mom does, and I do too. Lavender is great to help you sleep and there’s no doubt this one will work. I not only spray it on my pillow but also in several areas of my bedroom for a real deep, peaceful sleep.

Erborian Doudoune for Hands Comfort Mittens Effect Hand Cream. How cool that two of the biggest beauty “trendsetters” of the world – my favorite French beauty, and K-beauty – has joined forces in this new Paris-Seoul skincare brand. This hand cream was my go-to until I finished every drop of it, which means one thing – it’s awesome! It did it’s job well and I liked that it wasn’t full of weird chemicals and was so safe and clean for the hands.

Edible Beauty in SingaporeLastly, I was introduced to Edible Beauty, and Aussie natural skincare brand that claims to be good enough to eat (don’t do it, though). My skin is super sensitive, and the common misconception is that sensitive skin needs natural/organic products, but that’s not really the case. You can be allergic to natural things – you can be allergic to peanuts, apples, as you may know – so in my opinion, parabens and preservatives aren’t really THAT evil. So this range gave me a little bit of reactions, but that doesn’t mean I won’t recommend it. What does not work for me may work for you, and I really love their products in a sense that the ingredients all look great. My favorite of the bunch was the Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion, which my skin liked the best.

There are still a few more products I have yet to try out – so look out for reviews on them! You can find all of these brands all over Sephora Singapore, and online at Sephora.sg.

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