Why Nudestix Is Already One of My Favorite Brands

Nudestix in Singapore Review

The beauty scene in Singapore started this year with a bang: NUDESTIX, a makeup range I’ve been stalking on social media for many, many months has finally arrived!

My interest in Nudestix started when I found out their approach to beauty is all about being natural, with products that are easy-to-use, and a makeup routine that is fuss free. (They are also cruelty-free, which is a huge plus in my book.)

Created by teenage sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel and their mother Jenny, a cosmetic engineer who created some of the world’s best products, like MAC’s infamous Lipglass and co-founded CoverFX; Nudestix – literally cute little pencil sticks of makeup – are to be used straight on, with no makeup brushes or anything else needed.

They are super easy and convenient to use, and can be popped into your handbag or even your pocket if need be. The pencils also have a sharpener that can be attached to the end, so really all you need is in one stick. They’ve really thought about everything, huh? No wonder Nudestix has already won so many awards!

Nudestix launched in Sephora Singapore last weekend, and I was there to meet Taylor, learn more about the brand and got to try out the products for myself.

NUDESTIX Lip and Cheek Pencil, S$34. First up, their Lip and Cheek Pencil, which gives intense color pigmentation. The formula is balmy and ever-so-sticky, which I find helps make it super long lasting. It stayed on my lips through a power lunch and dessert; and as a cream blush, it lasted the whole day. And I have to say, with so many lip and cheek products available now, this is the only one I’ve liked so far as both a lip product and cheek product.

NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil, S$34. As for the concealer, I was so excited for this, and used this in areas needed on my face, since I don’t actually like wearing foundation or anything too heavy. It also took less than a minute – under eyes, around the nose, a bit on the chin, and blend. It was a dream. Fast forward to an hour or two, and the product ended up separating on my face, and looked really cakey under eyes, which I can only imagine is due to the weather here in Singapore. (Another beauty blogger friend of mine recently commented on this too, saying she feels the whole brand doesn’t work with our climate.) What a shame, but I will definitely repurchase in Europe.

NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color, S$34. For the Magnetic Eye Color… well, it’s one of my favorite makeup products, ever. It really does last at least 12 hours (!!!), comes in the most gorgeous colors, easy to use, and are just perfect, really. I started with using it on a bridal makeup client, then I got some for myself. It’s perfect!

Overall, Nudestix did not disappoint, and I’m so happy they are as good as I had hoped. They are such high quality products and I’m definitely gonna have a small collection of their stuff.

Do check out Nudestix at Sephora ION this weekend. And no, it’s not just a brand for teenagers – it’s for every woman who wants their makeup routine to be simple, fuss-free and want to look naturally beautiful. Which is my whole personal beauty philosophy; and why I think I found my new favorite makeup brand (and I think you will, too).

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