Hall of Fame: Onsen Japonica Moisturizing Gel

Whether you have a dry skin type naturally or tend to get drier due to the weather, I believe that every woman needs an ultra, intensive nourishing moisturizer in her regime.

Because honestly, in my eyes, the best (and only) “anti aging” products you’ll need is just a very good sunscreen and a very good moisturizer.

Onsen Japonica Daily Moisturizing Gel

What’s an onsen? An onsen is basically those incredible looking hot spring in Japan (I’ve always wanted to go to one!), and the water itself, aptly named onsen water, is believed to have healing powers to the skin thanks to its rich mineral content.

ONSEN Japonica, a new skincare range, has since bottled this secret into their line, consisting of moisturizers, cleanser and serum for daily intensive moisture to the skin. They also added in “sacran”, a nori extract that is said to hold water in the skin 6 times more than Hyaluronic acid. And if you know anything about Hyaluronic acid, you’ll know that it is pretty much the industry-standard when it comes to skin moisturizer, so if this is even better… well, I smell a HUGE skincare innovation!

My Experience. As you can imagine, I was especially excited to try ONSEN Japonica last month. While I didn’t try out the full ONSEN Japonica range, I was super excited to try out the ONSEN Japonica Daily Intensive Moisturizing Gel, a clear, light gel formula that is perfect for daytime, since I was running out of day moisturizer.

Housed in a flat, compact jar, I loved that the formula was a clear gel – it somehow seemed so “pure”. (The gel is fragrance, artificial coloring and palm oil free. Another plus point: not tested on animals.) The best part of it, however, is the effects you see a few minutes later.

Wait a minute, this reminds me of… I remember many years ago, I was asked to test out a non-invasive laser that “zaps” the skin to produce more collagen, leaving your skin looking super glowy and plumped up. It looked really good, but the effects lasted 5 days, tops. I remember thinking, who is gonna get this done – it was super expensive, too – if this only lasts a week?

And sure, I am not comparing this gel to that; obviously the laser works much better (you are zapping your face, after all) but if you want continuous plumped up, moisturized skin which is basically the same thing as the laser, you won’t be disappointed with this moisturizer. I loved how it made my skin look.

That being said, the gel does leave a very slight layer on your skin as it takes its time to sink in, so your skin may feel slightly sticky for awhile. For me, this is not an issue at all, in fact I quite like it. But it’s something to note – I know y’all are picky with your skincare!

Great for Sensitive Skin. Other than that, there were absolutely no issues otherwise with the product. It boasts to be “low allergic”, and as I tend to have sensitive skin, I had no issues. No redness, no itching, no breakout, no oiliness, nothing. If you’re looking for an intensive moisturizer that is pure and gentle on the skin, I would highly recommend this – your skin will look immensely plumped and youthful, and I do find that it is also brightens the skin very well. A warning though: the gel is SO nice that you may want to drench your skin in it (I am tempted to everytime I use it), but definitely try to practice some self-control – at S$98 for 50g, this is definitely a luxury buy!

You can find ONSEN Japonica available at www.ONSENJaponica.com.

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  1. I bought this immediately after reading your post!!! 😀

    Thus far, you’re really the only blogger who makes me buy things completely based on words with no before/after photos necessary!

    1. Thank you so much Samantha. I remember you mentioned that before (relief for me too, as I’m more a writer than a photographer!) and I am grateful for your support over all the years 🙂

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