Hall of Fame: & Other Stories Cheek & Lip Tint

& Other Stories Dimple Peach cream blushI had been hearing how great it was as a cream blush from the many Scandinavian makeup artists and beauty publications I follow.

& Other Stories is the sister brand of Swedish fashion house H&M, and while their main brand is fashion and accessories, they also released a full range beauty line that people are still buzzing about.

So when I was in London last summer, I grabbed a box (tin? case? what do you call this kinda packaging?) as soon as I could. It’s one of my first “blind buys” – meaning I bought it without trying beforehand – and first time’s the charm, I guess!

This cheek and lip tint is so worth the hype… as a cream blush, that is. I don’t like it on my lips (way too thick, and a tad drying) but as a cream blush, it’s absolutely incredible.

The formula is quite “tacky” and ever so sticky (in a good way), which is what I feel gives it such high pigmentation and very, very long lasting color. The staying power is a standout – I am seriously impressed that in this hot humid weather in Singapore, it can easily last the whole day, without any touchups.

A little goes a long way, too – just a few “pats” of the product on my skin is enough for a light, natural flush. Dimple Peach is also the most gorgeous hue; it’s a very cool and pretty coral pinky-peach that I know can suit all skin tones. (Related, check out my post, How to Find Your Perfect Blush Color For Your Skintone.)

With its incredible lasting power, high pigmentation, and the fact that you only need a little product (so the product will stay in your makeup bag for years), & Other Stories Cheek & Lip Tint is so worth the hype, especially at it’s very affordable price.

Totally comparable to the high end, luxury cream blushes on the market today.

Available at & Other Stories stores, and Stories.com.

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