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beauty tips for long flights

I know many people may dread a long haul flights - and traveling in general - but I have to say, I actually quite enjoy it! I've been taking long haul trips to Europe in the summer since I was a child (I am half Danish and have family there), and still do annually, so I’ve gathered some beauty (read more...)

contour and highlight cheekbones

Contouring and highlighting - your cheekbones, or all of your face - is a makeup artist secret that have gained popularity with the masses and is becoming big in beauty again. (Especially due to the popularity on a certain celebrity.) While there are many articles on how to contour and highlight your cheekbones, a lot of them (read more...)

fix bad haircut

Oh dear, you've gotten a really bad haircut. Don't panic. No, I mean it - don't panic. It CAN be fixed. Take it from someone who, believe me, has had many, many disastrous haircuts. I've honestly tried so much haircuts and styles over the years, and thankfully, the past few years, my haircuts have been looking much (read more...)

Move over, Egyptian Magic Cream, there's a new Magic Cream in town! But then again, Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream really needs no introduction. Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury launched her makeup line with this as its star skincare item, and has been used by pretty much every model, actress or celebrity in the industry. (It's one of Lily James' (read more...)

apply blush according to face shape

I never realised the importance of blush until, of course, I started using it regularly. (And going to makeup school and learning just how important it is, of course. It's really quite incredible!) Blush brightens your complexion and "wakes up" the face (when you use the right blush color for your skin tone, of course), creating (read more...)

Fragrance Du Bois Singapore

Regular readers, or anyone who knows me, will know that I am quite the perfume fanatic. It’s probably my favorite of all the beauty things (well, other than my profession in makeup, of course!). Perfume to me is more than just a scent - they are capsules, "memory albums" if you will; of feelings, stories, experiences. One (read more...)

male pedicures

What do you think about male pedicures - or men who regularly get pedicures? I ask because I've noticed some men with pedicures, and when I looked online... it seems like those Hollywood dads may have started this male beauty trend! Seal was recently sporting some black nail polish on his toes (we have something in (read more...)