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fake dreadlocks

Dreadlocks - the real kind, at least - can be a major commitment, and so here's the next best thing: fake dreadlocks! There have been a lot of articles written since I wrote this post a couple of years ago, and while I am sure they are great, I've noticed that they are making things a (read more...)

how to tell your hairdresser what you want

Telling your hairdresser what you want when getting your hair done can be tough. I've pretty much had every hair style and color during high school. Every few months my best friend and I would terrorize our local hairdresser: one minute I wanted red hair, one minute I wanted a perm, one minute I wanted it straightened (read more...)

how to find blush color for your skintone

I've always been a bit scared of blush: how do you apply it so you don't look like a clown? Do we really need it? For years, I had been doing my makeup and opting for bronzers and contouring my cheekbones rather than blush, but ever since makeup school and trying it out myself... I can safely say (read more...)

Laura Mercier Flawless Smooth Finish Fluide foundation review

Laura Mercier foundations really don’t need any introduction, do they? Pioneers of the “Flawless Face”, their foundations, concealers and tinted moisturizers are some of the best and most loved in the world. (And are some of my all-time favorite products.) I’ve been a customer of Laura Mercier since 2008, when my best friend and I (read more...)

best long lasting liquid eyeliners

Whether it’s because of the summer heat, or you have oily eyelids - finding the an eyeliner that lasts is really tough. I've personally been on the hunt for the best long lasting liquid eyeliners, and I can finally give my Top 3 best that will suit any type of women and their lifestyle. I’ve (read more...)

Nudestix in Singapore Review

The beauty scene in Singapore started this year with a bang: NUDESTIX, a makeup range I’ve been stalking on social media for many, many months has finally arrived! My interest in Nudestix started when I found out their approach to beauty is all about being natural, with products that are easy-to-use, and a makeup routine (read more...)

The universal haircut

Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle that suits you or a hairstyle that will be easy to manage and is timeless for any age, The Universal Haircut is it. As I mentioned here, it is the ultimate hairstyle in the sense that everyone - and I really mean everyone - will look good with it, be it age, hair type, face shape (read more...)