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GlamGlow singapore

Last week I found myself surrounded by cakes in a cute little confections store for an intimate event thrown by GLAMGLOW, a skincare line from Hollywood which boasts a fanbase of Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus and Usher. I was there to check out their new cleanser, THIRSTYCLEANSE Daily Hydrating Cleanser, which just launched in Singapore, but while there I also (read more...)

how to feel confident in bikini

Why yes, bikini season is upon us! Are those groans I hear? OK, I understand - prancing around in a bathing suit is pretty intimidating, especially with all those perv-- uh, I mean watchful eyes at the beach. Who wouldn't feel self-conscious? But one of the main topics I want to speak about on my (read more...)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Ad

If there's one thing to know about beauty in advertising, it's that mascara ads are the most ridiculous. So much so, that there's now a law in the States that they have to put disclaimers in them; finally admitting what we've known all along - the models are wearing false eyelashes to "enhance" the look of the (read more...)

swag hairstyle freya beha hair

Several fashion and beauty magazines are now deeming "The Swag" as the hairstyle for 2015, and I might actually be in fashion for once! To get this look, get your hair cut at a reasonable length - this look can go from "effortless sexy" to "girl, are you doing OK?" very fast, so keep the length between (read more...)

After playing with makeup and secretly wanting to do makeup since I was a teen, I finally did it - I just finished professional training at Make Up For Ever Academy! During that time, as you can imagine, I worked with a lot of Make Up For Ever (MUFE) products, so I thought I'd talk about them today: HD High Definition Foundation. Is (read more...)

Oh hello... it's been awhile. I'm also super excited that I'm also officially back to BlogforBeauty.com. As many of you may know, I have been beauty blogging for a long time; but you might not know that it's actually been since 2006, and Blog for Beauty was actually my original beauty blog name. It was really tricky getting this domain again (read more...)

There is nothing - and I repeat, NOTHING - more heartbreaking, embarrassing, or humiliating as a teenager than having a zit right smack center of your nose. Unfortunately for me, in my first two years of high school I endured the most horrible zits. Zits are bad, mind you, but the placement of them are even (read more...)