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should I dye my hair black?

Yay for reader questions! I love hearing from you and having a small, close kit community of beauty lovers. Because even though I’ve been beauty blogging for a long time – I started this blog in 2006, and recently came back here) – and considered an expert somewhat, my blog has always, and will always, be [read more…]

guardian eye masks singapore

Beauty products with cute animals on them – is there anything better?! I’ve been trying these cute little Guardian eye masks the past few weeks, and the whole act of actually applying an under eye mask has really surprised me – don’t let the cutesy packaging throw you off, they do pack quite the punch [read more…]


The Holiday collections of the beauty world have arrived in full force, are you ready? First up from LUSH Singapore: First Snow and Fairy Dust dusting powders – fine scented powders that are made to keep areas smooth and dry, as well as adding a little shimmer to your body. Dusting powders are pretty ‘old school’ in beauty – [read more…]

Etat Libre D'Orange perfumes Singapore

As a perfume addict, I am very happy we are getting more niche brands here in Singapore. Especially for Etat Libre D’Orange – a brand I’ve seen in various magazines and have admired their fun, outrageous spirit. Etat Libre D’Orange came to Singapore recently earlier this year, and I attended an intimate launch party where I [read more…]

can pores open and close?

When I first started a skin care routine back as a teenager (just before starting this blog, actually), I kept hearing that after cleansing, I should finish by splashing very cold water on my face, to “close” the pores after. And while I definitely believed it for some time, (and I know many still do, as I still read and [read more…]

are korean beauty products worth the hype?

Confession: I’ve been blogging for almost a decade and I only just recently tried some Korean beauty products. Can you believe it? I kinda got “scolded” by a friend in the beauty biz about it recently, and it made me think why, in all my years of blogging, I never really delved into ‘Asian beauty’. (Except [read more…]

how to find face shape

Knowing your face shape is pretty important in beauty. Once you’ve figured it out, it’s so much easier to know what really flatters you the best – whether it’s the the right haircut or the proper blush application. So how to find your face shape? All you need is lipstick, a mirror and a few minutes of your time. First, pull all your [read more…]