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If you're a cell phone owner, take note - our precious phones are one of the dirtiest things we can rub against our faces, and can cause some serious zits, breakouts and other nastiness. Think about it: We press our cellphones against our face, touch it all the time with our dirty fingers, and the (read more...)

Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer Review

Tinted moisturizers and BB creams, especially, are nothing new these days - any beauty gal will know that. But what about the original BB cream? I was delighted when I first tried out Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer, because for a while, many years ago, this was hyped up like crazy. And it seems now that Suki is (read more...)

ampoules for wedding makeup singapore

To Ampoule or not to ampoule? It's a questioned asked a lot in bridal makeup. Here are my thoughts... What is an ampoule? It’s an intensive skincare treatment with potent ingredients that delivers results very fast. (In plain English: it’s like crazy intense serum.) Why are ampoules used in bridal makeup? For makeup (especially base (read more...)

estee lauder advanced night-repair serum review singapore

There is a rumor that this serum is the all-time favorite serum of British beauty editors. (And I’m talking about the beauty editors that have been in the beauty game for 20+ years.) Because no matter whatever new innovations come out each year in the beauty world, it's still their fave. It’s the #1 repair serum on the market (read more...)

Bobbi Brown BB Cream review

There are a few reasons why Bobbi Brown's BB Cream is one of the better ones on the market - at least from a Western beauty brand. (I haven't tried any of the famous Asian ones yet, which is surprising.) You may remember my post, Are BB Creams Bad For Your Skin? and know that I'm (read more...)

best foundations for beginners

Whether you’re a makeup beginner looking for that perfect foundation or someone who wants to buy a foundation that fits their skin type and/or problem, you’ve come to the right place. As a makeup artist, I’ve tried about every type of foundation and have worked on evey skin tone, skin type, and problem. Here are (read more...)

IT Cosmetics Singapore

IT Cosmetics came into my radar, as with most makeup-related things these days, through a makeup artist group I’m a part of online. The indie cosmetics line has exploded recently, due to their products with incredible coverage and pigmentation, and is used by many professionals in their kits. I am super excited to know it’s (read more...)