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La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes review

La Roche Posay is a French pharmacy skincare brand that just works, and their Hydraphase Intense Eyes, is no exception. Seriously, pick up any product from the brand, at random if you want, and I am sure you'll love it. As someone who is just starting to get into anti-aging skincare regime - I was told (read more...)

beauty brands that don't test on animals list 2016

Friends, my annual list of beauty brands that do not test on animals is finally here! As always, first and foremost: I got my info from PETA's cruelty-free beauty database for consumers. I get asked about this a lot, and am always accused of making this list up (why would I do that, though?), so again (read more...)

how to get proper digital perm

One of my most popular posts on this blog is My (Disaster) Digital Perm Review, and as disastrous as it was, I am actually contemplating getting another digital perm, perhaps later on in the year. (Yes, really. Because as much as I hated that experience, digital perms, when done right, are incredible.) Because while my initial (read more...)

alba botanica soothing sunscreen pure lavender review

When I was told that Alba Botanica sunscreens beat out 100s of sunscreen in a recent in-depth dermalogical research and is constantly rated as the safest and most effective sunscreen by the EWG, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I instantly chose the Alba Botanica Soothing Sunscreen Pure Lavender SPF 45 sunscreen because it had (read more...)

cleanse your skin properly

One of the greatest skin rituals you can do for clear, beautiful skin is to thoroughly cleanse your face, morning and night. And though it seems simple enough - slap on some soap, then rinse off with water - there are some tricks and tips to making the most out of your cleanser and to learn (read more...)

makeup for beginners essentials

This post of makeup for beginners essentials is a bite size of my e-book, Makeup For Beginners, where you can find more personalized tips, application techniques and product recommendations. If you're new to makeup, you'll know that it can be pretty overwhelming, with so many products, brands, and tips floating around. Where do you even begin?! So today I thought I'd write (read more...)

I start this new year with a confession: I’ve been doing probably a little too much shopping recently. My (personal) makeup bag has ran out of several items, so I’ve been enjoying being a consumer over the holiday season; checking out what's new, going back to old favorites, as well as discovering a few new (read more...)