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deep conditioning hair mask

If you're looking for healthy, strong and beautiful locks, I believe the answer is to add a deep conditioning hair mask to your hair regime. Deep conditioning your hair allows your hair to really soak in the moisture it needs and repair hair concerns such as split ends, frizz, breakage, color damage and more. I try (read more...)

Sigma brush reviews Singapore

When Sigma contacted me awhile back, asking me to try out their brushes, I was pretty excited. Why? Because I've heard they were just as good as MAC's, you know, minus the hefty price tag. (Also, a really amazing makeup artist I assisted told me she loves their brushes, too.) This particular brush set is GBP99, which is (read more...)

how to remove makeup properly

It's funny how I had never thought of writing a post about removing makeup on this blog, especially when it's my profession. Although I suppose why would I think of it - most of the times, after a makeup gig is done, so is my job. I don't think I've once had to remove makeup after a (read more...)

make up for ever singapore

It's kinda funny how, before enrolling to their makeup academy last spring, I had never used any Make Up For Ever products; and now, it's a brand I seem to be only be using, and really loving. For the last few weeks I have been assisting on-set of the TV show Tanglin, where MUFE sponsors the makeup (read more...)

best celebrity perfumes

Celebrity fragrances are nothing new – today, everyone and their mother is launching a perfume line. (No, seriously - Paris Hilton's mother, Kathy, has her own perfume too.) And while some might snub their noses and claim that celeb scents as just another way for them to make money (as one master perfumer told me (read more...)

Natural skincare Sephora Singapore

Sephora Singapore kindly gifted me with the most gorgeous box of products several weeks ago, showcasing some of their natural skincare offerings. I’ve been slowly testing things out to report back, and here are some of my favorites of the bunch: Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. I've heard that this was a "cult product" and one of Caudalie’s (read more...)

Just a short note today to apologize if you have received any spammy comments on your blog, especially in the last few weeks. The comments are by a "Renee L." that links back here, and I want you to know that it is not from me (if the broken English isn't a dead giveaway!). I found out about it today, and I apologize. Also another thing (read more...)