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On Good Friday last week, right before meeting my parents for lunch and church, I attended a lovely late morning gathering for Benefit’s b.right! skincare launch. As some of you might have noticed, I don’t write too many skincare reviews, because I have found my perfect regime. And while I am open to trying out [read more…]


In the Navy!

OPI Russian Navy

Even though I’ve loved wearing nail polish since a kid – now more than ever – I rarely get manicures so when I do, it’s a huge treat. (I also rarely talk about nails on my blog, which is strange.) Either way, at my most recent manicure, one that was at an event, I opted [read more…]


Some products go beyond the packaging, name, and in Asciene’s case, cheesy commercials. I remember watching a commercial for Asience, where a statuesque Asian woman would continuously flick her long (of course, lovely) hair to and fro. Flick-flickety-flick. Then, as she turned around, an old man whispered, “Show the world your beautiful hair”, or something [read more…]


The first thing we always hear concerning blush is “apply it to the apple of your cheeks.” (Smile – you see that fleshy bit sticking out? That’s the apple of your cheeks.) This is great advice, and very true of course, but applying it only to the apple of your cheeks can make your blush look [read more…]


In this month’s issue of The Singapore Woman’s Weekly, they packed the magazine with 100 pages on fashion and beauty (love!). In it, is a special feature called “Beauty Addict Loves…” where everyone from makeup artists, local actresses, beauty bloggers and beauty editors all shared the products they just can’t live without. I was included [read more…]


I just can’t escape it. Every time I pass by a drugstore, a new BB Cream and its ad is screaming in my face – and as much as I think they are glorified tinted moisturizers, it seems like the BB Cream craze here in Singapore is not slowing down anytime soon. So if you [read more…]

beauty tip of the week

Every girl has some sort of obsession with their hair. Some want nothing but length, some want to find the right color, some are still finding the perfect cut, and some just want some damn volume (that someone is me). But if you’re a girl who’s obsessed with hair commercials and want some serious shine [read more…]