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Because I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love how beauty companies keep coming up with the most craziest, wildest looking brushes to grab our attention, but every time I hear about the new, next-big-thing, “innovative mascara wand”, I want to yawn. They all promise the world, but I don’t see how the brushes would [read more…]


Ah, hair in unwanted places. Joy. Whether it’s on your legs, arms, bikini line, or (gasp!) your upper lip, I think it’s safe to say we want it gone, pronto. If you’re having problems with unwanted hair or are looking to try something new, here’s the lowdown on different hair techniques, as well as information [read more…]


There is most definitely a BB Cream craze here in Asia, and I have finally tried my very first one: by my favorite skincare brand, Clinique. They approached me to try out their Age Defense BB Cream and of course I said yes – you all know how much I adore Clinique! First, the good bits [read more…]


I had a makeup post lined up for today, but I was reading my daily devotional that I get to my e-mail and had to re-post this. It is simply beautiful. At the end of the day, girls, it’s your inner beauty that makes you beautiful. It’s said the public relations department of a beauty products [read more…]


There are always some product reviews that are hard to write. I’ve always said, for my blog, that if some random product that no one knows about is truly horrible, then I won’t waste a whole post on it and would rather mention it somewhere else, especially if asked. The exception, though, is when some are [read more…]


I admit it: Katy Perry is really starting to grow on me. Personally, her music is not my taste (they play ‘California Gurls’ so much here, it can get annoying!), but I can’t deny that she has such a fun, bubbly fashion sense. And when Katy turned up to this year’s Video Music Awards with [read more…]


It may be a little over the top calling your latest foundation a “miracle tint” (if my broken French is correct), but Lancome is doing just that, and getting everyone talking. I’ve seen reviews (mostly good) on several blogs, so now I’d like to add in my thoughts. Teint Miracle, Lancome’s latest foundation offering warrants [read more…]