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how to remove makeup properly

It's funny how I had never thought of writing a post about removing makeup on this blog, especially when it's my profession. Although I suppose why would I think of it - most of the times, after a makeup gig is done, so is my job. I don't think I've once had to remove makeup after a (read more...)

make up for ever singapore

It's kinda funny how, before enrolling to their makeup academy last spring, I had never used any Make Up For Ever products; and now, it's a brand I seem to be only be using, and really loving. For the last few weeks I have been assisting on-set of the TV show Tanglin, where MUFE sponsors the makeup (read more...)

best celebrity perfumes

Celebrity fragrances are nothing new – today, everyone and their mother is launching a perfume line. (No, seriously - Paris Hilton's mother, Kathy, has her own perfume too.) And while some might snub their noses and claim that celeb scents as just another way for them to make money (as one master perfumer told me (read more...)

Bond No. 9 Fire Island perfume review

"Imagine freshly baked skin, doused with a coating of premium Euro-sunscreen then warmed up by a midday siesta by the beach – and the sensual stirrings of a body in heat.” No, this is not an excerpt from a romance novels - it’s the premise of Bond No. 9's fragrance Fire Island, said to “summoned forth (read more...)

sunscreen myths and facts

Sunscreen. Very, very important always, but especially in these upcoming hot summer months, since we're talking all about summer beauty tips. Unfortunately there are a lot of confusing information about how to use them, so here, I debunk some sunscreen myths... Sunscreen Myth #1: Dark skin doesn’t burn, so we don’t need sunscreen. Unfortunately, all complexions can (read more...)

make sweat proof foundation

I think it's time for another summer beauty tip! (Although, this one can actually be useful year-round, especially if you tend to find that your foundation doesn't stay on. Which I think is fairly common where I live - it's hot, hot and hotter all the time.) Because as you may have experienced, sometimes foundation, humidity and sweat (read more...)

how to lighten hair with lemon juice tips

My best summer beauty tip of all time, is probably this one: a super easy tip on how to lighten your hair with lemon juice naturally, safely and cheaply. This is something I've personally been writing about and sharing with friends and family for years and years, and it's how to lighten hair with lemon juice. Lemon is a natural bleach, and (read more...)