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open mouths applying mascara

Ever wondered why, despite trying so hard, you tend to always open your mouth while applying mascara? This little gesture we do always seem to amuse others (read: mostly the men in our lives), and today, I shall reveal the secret to why we women do the crazy things we do. The thing is, some (read more...)

One of my most popular posts on this blog is My (Disaster) Digital Perm Review, and as disastrous as it was... I am actually contemplating getting another one, perhaps later on in the year. Because while my initial experience was nothing but a waste of time and money, when done right, digital perms are incredible (read more...)

exfoliate lip scrubs 101

As a kid, I remember skipping down to the local shops, spending all your pocket money on Magic Dust candy or anything with huge, obvious chunks of sugar, and before eating them, I'd spread it all over my lips, pretending it were lipstick. (Please tell me I wasn't the only one?!) Well, those days of spreading (read more...)

how to remove hair tangles and knots

If there's anyone who is qualified to write about this topic, it's gotta be me. As I've mentioned briefly, in high school I think that I literally tried every style, cut, dye, bleach and hair procedure available at the time. I don’t even know where to begin – and thankfully there is no photo evidence (read more...)

In the June 2016 issue of Allure Magazine, there was a great little page on concealer tips from pro makeup artist Pati Duroff that I wanted to share here, as well as add in my own concealer tips. Whether you're looking to conceal dark eye circles, under eye bags and puffiness, or redness, read on (read more...)

Benefit Cosmetics Brow products Singapore

A little over a month ago, I was looking for an eyebrow pencil (for personal use), and I am not kidding when I say I think I tried every single eyebrow pencil available at Sephora. It was like a retelling of Goldilocks (stay with me here): one was too light, too dark, too chalky, too annoying… I (read more...)

Being a Christian in the beauty industry, I had always wondered how I can possibly share my faith, or even find eternal purpose in my work. But I’ve since come to realize that it’s not even the actual application of the work (in my case, applying makeup), it’s through the work - the people I meet (read more...)