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best cruelty-free beauty products

As you might know from Beauty Brands That Don't Test on Animals (or just in general), I'm a huge animal lover and the topic of cruelty-free makeup & beauty is important to me. However, it is tough to remain cruelty-free in everything, and the laws of animal testing, if you know anything about it, is so complicated that at (read more...)

open mouths applying mascara

Ever wondered why, despite trying so hard, you tend to always open your mouth while applying mascara? This little gesture we do always seem to amuse others (read: mostly the men in our lives), and today, I shall reveal the secret to why we women do the crazy things we do. The thing is, some (read more...)

exfoliate lip scrubs 101

As a kid, I remember skipping down to the local shops, spending all your pocket money on Magic Dust candy or anything with huge, obvious chunks of sugar, and before eating them, I'd spread it all over my lips, pretending it were lipstick. (Please tell me I wasn't the only one?!) Well, those days of spreading (read more...)

how to remove hair tangles and knots

If there's anyone who is qualified to write about this topic, it's gotta be me. As I've mentioned briefly, in high school I think that I literally tried every style, cut, dye, bleach and hair procedure available at the time. I don’t even know where to begin – and thankfully there is no photo evidence (read more...)

the leah factor book review

Being a Christian in the beauty industry, I had always wondered how I can possibly share my faith, or even find eternal purpose in my work. But I’ve since come to realize that it’s not even the actual application of the work (in my case, applying makeup), it’s through the work - the people I meet (read more...)

best makeup removers 2016

I am sure you all may know the important of removing all your makeup before bed. (Although, I personally remove it as soon as I get home.) I truly believe that your skin needs to "breathe" and leaving makeup on too long, no matter how good the makeup, can lead to breakouts, blemishes and wrinkles (read more...)

beauty tip of the week

Today I have something for those who are either suffering from dark under eyes circles and/or concerned about aging around the eyes. Since you're using concealer to cover up your dark eye circles, why not make take your concealer even further, and make it to be one that also treats your under eye concerns as well? What I mean is (read more...)