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makeup for beginners essentials

This post of makeup for beginners essentials is a bite size of my e-book, Makeup For Beginners, where you can find more personalized tips, application techniques and product recommendations. If you’re new to makeup, you’ll know that it can be pretty overwhelming, with so many products, brands, and tips floating around. Where do you even begin?! So today I thought I’d write [read more…]


The all important beauty sleep. And it literally is that – weight gain, dark circles, eye bags, bloodshot eyes and dull skin are results of lack of sleep. Not to mention your bad mood, tired body and grumpy attitude – not pretty for anyone. Here are some tips to getting a better night’s rest, that [read more…]

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette review

It saddens me to say this – because I genuinely adore Make Up For Ever and I am an alumni of their academy – but this is the first product from them that disappointed me. I initially got the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette because I love a good cream blush. I had [read more…]


What’s your take on aging, ladies? Are you terrified of getting ‘old’? I am sure everyone can admit, at some point, that getting (and looking) older scares them just a little bit. I’ve been writing a few anti-aging posts lately on prevention because I do believe, personally that if you do want to appear younger (and feel [read more…]


I start this new year with a confession: I’ve been doing probably a little too much shopping recently. My (personal) makeup bag has ran out of several items, so I’ve been enjoying being a consumer over the holiday season; checking out what’s new, going back to old favorites, as well as discovering a few new [read more…]

Lipcote lipstick sealer review

Lipcote doesn’t need any introduction if you’ve been in the beauty game for awhile. But if you’re new to all of this, allow me to introduce The Original Lipstick Sealer, a cult-beauty favorite since the 1950s. I first heard about Lipcote from my BFF in London who is just as beauty crazy as myself. It was [read more…]

The Body Shop Wildest Christmas Ever 2016 Singapore

Last week, I had a WILD afternoon with The Body Shop at their “Wildest Christmas Ever!” party, located at the Singapore Zoo. It was a media preview for all the fun things that is coming up for The Body Shop this Christmas, and you’re gonna love their offerings in the upcoming season. There are 3 main [read more…]