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best makeup removers 2016

I am sure you all may know the important of removing all your makeup before bed. (Although, I personally remove it as soon as I get home.) I truly believe that your skin needs to "breathe" and leaving makeup on too long, no matter how good the makeup, can lead to breakouts, blemishes and wrinkles (read more...)

hourglass cosmetics singapore

While I know some people think this is the first time Hourglass is available in Singapore, a dinosaur beauty blogger like myself will know that they were actually here way in the beginning, around the time Sephora first launched in Singapore. To celebrate Hourglass’ return to Singapore, here are some of the products I'd recommend trying (read more...)

beauty tip of the week

Today I have something for those who are either suffering from dark under eyes circles and/or concerned about aging around the eyes. Since you're using concealer to cover up your dark eye circles, why not make take your concealer even further, and make it to be one that also treats your under eye concerns as well? What I mean is (read more...)

jessica simpson fancy perfume review

Celebrity scents are a dime a dozen these days, much to the dismay of master perfumers, filling up the market with overtly sweet, cheaply made perfumes, made solely for profits and not the art of perfume. But then there are a few that stand out and make us think, wow. Unfortunately, the market of celebrity (read more...)

Several months ago, a little while after I resurrected this beauty blog, an article appeared in TODAY newspaper about Singapore’s beauty blogging, Youtube and “influencer” industry, especially about the authenticity and ethics behind it. I was asked a few questions for the article, and also thought it's finally time to publish this post, since it's such a hot topic recently. I (read more...)

They say eyebrows are important because they frame the eyes; the windows to our souls, and I agree - if I only had 10 seconds to do my makeup before rushing out of the house in the morning, my brows would be it! Brows make such a huge difference and gives your face so much (read more...)

DIY Clarifying Shampoo

We last talked about our hair types and how to treat it. But whatever your hair type, or hair concern, we all need a clarifying shampoo - especially if you tend to use a lot of hair styling products, which tends to lead to build up. Not only that, the daily environment factors can also (read more...)