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jessica simpson fancy perfume review

Celebrity scents are a dime a dozen these days, much to the dismay of master perfumers, filling up the market with overtly sweet, cheaply made perfumes, made solely for profits and not the art of perfume. But then there are a few that stand out and make us think, wow. Unfortunately, the market of celebrity (read more...)

girl on laptop

Several months ago, a little while after I resurrected Blog for Beauty, an article appeared in TODAY newspaper about Singapore’s beauty blogging, Youtube and “influencer” industry, especially about the authenticity and ethics behind it. I was asked a few questions for the article, and also thought it's finally time to publish this post, since it's such a hot topic recently. I (read more...)

eyebrow makeup for beginners

They say eyebrows are important because they frame the eyes; the windows to our souls, and I agree - if I only had 10 seconds to do my makeup before rushing out of the house in the morning, my brows would be it! Brows make such a huge difference and gives your face so much (read more...)

DIY Clarifying Shampoo

We last talked about our hair types and how to treat it. But whatever your hair type, or hair concern, we all need a clarifying shampoo - especially if you tend to use a lot of hair styling products, which tends to lead to build up. Not only that, the daily environment factors can also (read more...)

From dry to oily, thick to fine... being able to determine your hair type and density can be a little complicated. We first talked about your perfect hairstyle in Which Hairstyle Suits Me? and now that you've found it, it's time to take care of your hair properly. It's important to know what hair type you have (read more...)

beauty tip of the week

I last talked about my mascara tips in Best. Mascara. Tips. Ever! and I wanted to mention this one mascara application tip, but it's SO good and such a huge game changer that I reckon it deserves it's own post. Before I became a makeup artist, you may know that I had been beauty blogging, and at that time (read more...)

vatika coconut oil hair review

This has been a long time coming, but I'm finally gonna talk about a hair "secret" of mine that makes my damaged hair super soft, smooth and shiny. It has completely revived my very damaged hair, especially after many hair experiments such as my disaster digital perm. The secret is... coconut oil! You know how much (read more...)