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Onsen Japonica Daily Moisturizing Gel

Whether you have a dry skin type naturally or tend to get drier due to the weather, I believe that every woman needs an ultra, intensive nourishing moisturizer in her regime. Because honestly, in my eyes, the best (and only) “anti aging” products you'll need is just a very good sunscreen and a very good moisturizer. What's an (read more...)

how to open stuck nail polish caps

Recently, I had a relaxing night in with some of my girlfriends. The plan was movies (chick flicks, of course), manicures and snacks, and when I brought out my nail polishes, one girl was so tickled by one thing: the fact that I tie rubber bands around the bottle caps. My mom has been doing this for (read more...)

best bangs for face shape

In What hairstyle Suits Me? I talked about the importance of finding out your face shape and how knowing that will allow you to choose styles to balance out your face shape. Bangs (or a fringe, whatever you prefer to call them) is another great hairstyle trick - probably one of the best - in correcting (read more...)

beauty tip of the week

Ah! It's time for Beauty Tip of the Week! Today, we're talking about hair, specially a tip you must remember when getting a haircut (which is just as important as my other tip in how to tell your hairdresser what you want). And sure, this tip might seem like common sense - but hear me out; this is pretty (read more...)

I want to keep this blog celebrity-free (and it will be, promise), but one cannot deny the effect that the Kardashian's had on the beauty world, namely with making contouring - an old makeup technique by the way - back to the masses. Love them or hate them, the Kardashians (surprisingly, I am actually quite (read more...)

best mascara tips ever

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any girl wishes for stubby, short and sparse eyelashes. Although it irks me that they have become part of a beauty 'standard' for women, thick, full lashes are undeniably beautiful; and since all it takes to make a difference is a quick swipe of mascara, why not give (read more...)

eyeliner on waterline safe

Is eyeliner on waterline safe?" That's a question eyeliner lovers have been asking, and since “tightlining” is a makeup technique that's gaining more and more popularity for everyday wear, I’m afraid this post is gonna be a bit of a bummer. While eyeliners today have been tested for safety, and while technically applying eyeliner on (read more...)