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best bangs for face shape

In What hairstyle Suits Me? I talked about the importance of finding out your face shape and how knowing that will allow you to choose styles to balance out your face shape. Bangs (or a fringe, whatever you prefer to call them) is another great hairstyle trick - probably one of the best - in correcting (read more...)

beauty tip of the week

Ah! It's time for Beauty Tip of the Week! Today, we're talking about hair, specially a tip you must remember when getting a haircut (which is just as important as my other tip in how to tell your hairdresser what you want). And sure, this tip might seem like common sense - but hear me out; this is pretty (read more...)

I want to keep this blog celebrity-free (and it will be, promise), but one cannot deny the effect that the Kardashian's had on the beauty world, namely with making contouring - an old makeup technique by the way - back to the masses. Love them or hate them, the Kardashians (surprisingly, I am actually quite (read more...)

best mascara tips ever

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any girl wishes for stubby, short and sparse eyelashes. Although it irks me that they have become part of a beauty 'standard' for women, thick, full lashes are undeniably beautiful; and since all it takes to make a difference is a quick swipe of mascara, why not give (read more...)

eyeliner on waterline safe

Is eyeliner on waterline safe?" That's a question eyeliner lovers have been asking, and since “tightlining” is a makeup technique that's gaining more and more popularity for everyday wear, I’m afraid this post is gonna be a bit of a bummer. While eyeliners today have been tested for safety, and while technically applying eyeliner on (read more...)

It's Wednesday... time for the beauty tip of the week! As you know, this is a resurrected series here on the blog, and I hope you're enjoying it again. Don't forget to come back every Wednesday for a new beauty tip to make your life (and beauty routine) a little easier. This week I'm talking about how (read more...)

the body shop adjusting drops foundation

If you’re looking for a foundation shade that suits you - I mean REALLY suit you - then you need to run, not walk to your nearest The Body Shop right now. I am so unbelievably impressed with their new Fresh Nude Foundation range, but most of all, the Shade Adjusting Drops that come with (read more...)