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top 10 best sweet perfumes

While sweet perfumes kinda get the reputation that they are just for young girls, I believe every women at some point love sweet perfumes, and they are actually starting to get even more mainstream. Today, there are many popular high fashion houses launching sweet perfumes, which makes access to their scents even easier for everyone (read more...)

Clarins Super Restorative Serum Review Singapore

I so wish I could give this serum an in-depth review, because this is Clarins' most expensive product so I wanted to see if it was worth it, but unfortunately, my experience was not great. In fact - it was quite the opposite! I tested the Super Restorative Serum as I usually test serums. (I've (read more...)

So, we first de-bunked the very popular skin myth in Can Pores Open and Close? and recently, I shared the only 2 ways on How to Reduce Large Pores. And as I said in that post, pores are really manageable and it’s nothing to freak out about. If you have pock marks or post acne scarring that (read more...)

how to fix over plucked eyebrows

I'm sure we've all been there. Whether it's over-plucking our own brows, or something doing the dirty work for us; over-plucked, thin, sparse eyebrows are not a good look. I got my eyebrows tweezed for the first time at a professional place when I was 14. I can't remember why I did, as I have naturally (read more...)

DIY nose strip

As fun as pore strips are, the ones sold are really not good for your skin - they are full of ingredients, that, let's face it, makes the whole thing like "glue". This is not good for the skin, nor is the tough pulling and tugging to remove it any good for your skin either. I've (read more...)

adding oil to foundation

I've been hearing all about adding oil to foundation, an apparent new yet "controversial" makeup trick, and have recently been asked if it's actually OK to mix oil with foundation. Which is so funny, because something like this just happened to me recently! I was doing makeup for a bridal client, and was mixing two (read more...)

eye makeup for sensitive eyes

Friends, today I wanted to open up a discussion where hopefully you can help me out, as well as many others who may be looking for eye makeup for sensitive eyes and eyelids. Sensitive eyes and eyelids are pretty common now a days, and with the mass amount of eye makeup available, it can be (read more...)