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Estes Lauder New Dimension Shape and Fill Serum Review

Facial sculpting serums are no secret in Singapore, and so far, there’s only been one that I’ve seen “reign” here. Well, that one better step aside because there’s a new kid on the sculpting block, and she’s probably way more beautiful: Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum. I mean, look gorgeous ombre blue bottle (read more...)

how to get rid of dark eye circles

Dark circles around eyes, also known as dark eye circles, are a common concern with women and men alike. And while there are many products, techniques and procedures out there that claim to get rid of them, a lot of it just doesn't work. Because the truth is... even doctors agree that dark eye circles are difficult to (read more...)

& Other Stories Dimple Peach cream blush

I had been hearing how great it was as a cream blush from the many Scandinavian makeup artists and beauty publications I follow. & Other Stories is the sister brand of Swedish fashion house H&M, and while their main brand is fashion and accessories, they also released a full range beauty line that people are still (read more...)

digital perm review

Digital perms are one of the hottest hair innovations to come in the recent years. Said to be a safer, less damaging option - and more natural looking - than traditional perms, it's no wonder it's so popular now! Unfortunately for me, it did not work at all. I decided on a digital perm because they sounded so (read more...)

sensitive skin

In my post, Do You Really Know Your Skin Type?, I listed all the characteristics each skin type has, as well as a huge beauty "myth" concerning skin types - that at the end of the day, we all have a mix of them, at one time or another. But the one skin type that (read more...)

EMK Guard Sunscreen Review Singapore

It’s quite a big claim to say that something is the best you’ve ever tried, but I’m gonna make this claim: EMK Guard Sunscreen is the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried so far, in my many years of beauty writing and testing. My amazement has to be in the formula, because it honestly doesn’t feel (read more...)

coconut oil beauty tips

If there is one natural beauty "secret" I can vouch for 100%, it would be coconut oil - I can't even begin to explain how it has turned my hair after the abuse I gave it during high school. Coconut oil isn't just great for hair, though. What makes it such a good "beauty oil" is its small (read more...)