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Is Your Phone Causing Breakouts?

If you’re a cell phone owner, take note – our precious phones are one of the dirtiest things we can rub against our faces, and can cause some serious zits, breakouts and other nastiness.

Think about it: We press our cellphones against our face, touch it all the time with our dirty fingers, and the poor thing is thrown around the whole day, touching all sorts of surfaces. So you can bet it’s a breeding ground for some nasty dirt and bacteria, which can cause breakouts. The remedy? Clean it, of course! I’d recommend to clean it everyday.

All you need to do is grab an antibacterial wipe and give your phone a good wipe down. You can even use one of my favorite beauty multi-takers to clean your phone.

If you want to take it further, you can buy those pretty cases that you have to remove when you need to use it – it’ll protect your phone when you’re leaving it on the table, or in your handbag, especially if you’re the type to dump all sorts of crap in it (guilty).

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  • Oh my gosh, I had never thought about all the gross stuff that gets on cellphones! Totally going to start cleaning it often now. 🙂

    • Yay! And yes, it’s horrifying to think of all the germs that it could have by the end of the week. :S

  • Holly

    I clean mine, but more because it gets covered in mud where I work, so its more to make it clean enough to use, rather than for looking after my face…think I might start cleaning it more often though now!

  • Kat

    Can you believe I have my cellphone for 2 years now, and have never cleaned it?! Thank you, Renee.

    • Oh dear! Glad you do it now! I’ve had a cellphone for over 10 years and hadn’t cleaned any until this year… VERY bad, haha. Better late than never, I suppose? 😛

  • Stephanie/Yukaeshi

    Being the OCD person I am, I wipe my iPhone with Dettol wipes once a week D:

  • I use a dettol wipe on mine!!! Love this post sooo true!!

    • Thanks Priya, good choice, Dettol is great 🙂

  • Thanks for the tip! I rub off my cell phone when I get makeup on it or etc but I never really CLEAN it… yuck! haha

    • Yuck indeed! I’m so glad I started cleaning mine… you won’t regret it! 🙂

  • Lola

    WORD! i get little break outs on my left side because of this. I use rubbing alcohol on my phone and it does the trick.

    • Hey Lola! (BEAUTIFUL name.) Yes, rubbing alcohol works too… I hope your mini breakouts subside soon xx

  • Jenny

    I used to clean my phone but I got lazy. I use a headset whenever a phonecall is longer than 5 minutes. = )

  • I probably should, but I never do >< Thanks for reminding me though – I'm going to clean my phone from now on!

  • gio

    I had never thought about it but it’s so true! I’m better go and clean my phone now!

  • Yasmina

    Thank you for this post! I’ve just doused a little bit of my phone in antibacterial handwash (haha, can’t find any wipes just now) and now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll be doing it a lot more often! No wonder why I keep getting spots on the lower half of my cheeks, closest to my ears. They’re not horrific.. just not very nice.
    Much love,
    Yasmina xx

    • My pleasure, Yasmina. And yep – those little breakouts are most probably from your phone! Glad to hear you’ve started cleaning it. Hand wash should work the same too!

  • I enjoy reading your blog entries!
    I clean my phone screen everytime.
    I borrow anyone my cellphone.
    Is a must! Hee!
    Have a great Sunday:)

  • Drooling Isn't Pretty

    omg im mad fussy about stuff like this, i even wash my ear phones…i dont like germs on my face! haha

  • Anna Garden

    I think I might be about to become OCD about cleaning my phone and my ear phones. I had never thought of this.

  • Generally, when you listen the phone the bacteria from cell phone transfers to skin causes more bacteria to produced which blemishes your skin.

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