The Foundation Q-Tip Trick

beauty tip of the weekIt’s Wednesday… time for the beauty tip of the week!

As you know, this is a resurrected series here on the blog, and I hope you’re enjoying it again. Don’t forget to come back every Wednesday for a new beauty tip to make your life (and beauty routine) a little easier.

This week I’m talking about how to remove those annoying little make messes we tend to make now and again with eye makeup.

Whether it’s eyeshadow fallout under the eyes to something else, this trick is something I learnt from makeup school. And it has to do with a using a Q-tip for eye makeup mistakes (or cotton bud, whatever you like to call it).

Now, you may think this is nothing new, after all, everyone know how to use a Q-tip to clean makeup mistakes, but the thing is, a clean Q-tip actually removes makeup that could be underneath it, and doesn’t pick up the mess as well as it should.

Here’s a much better way: To remove eye makeup smudges, without messing up the rest of your foundation/concealer underneath, try this trick: take a Q-tip, dip it in some foundation, and apply it to the mistake.

When doing this, try not to touch your actual skin. Use that blob of foundation on the Q-tip to “pick up” the mess (Such as eyeshadow fallout when doing a smokey eye.)

So simple, no? What do you think, my friends – will you be trying this Q-tip for eye makeup mistakes tip?

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