Large Pores? 3 Things You Must Avoid

So, we first de-bunked the very popular skin myth in Can Pores Open and Close? and recently, I shared the only 2 ways on How to Reduce Large Pores.

And as I said in that post, pores are really manageable and it’s nothing to freak out about. If you have pock marks or post acne scarring that is more “serious”, then I’d recommend going to a dermatologist.

But the general pores on our face? Don’t stress.

3 Things You Must Avoid For Large Pores:

If you’re a bit concerned and/or worried about large pores, read on, ’cause there actually are ways you could be making them larger, and I know nobody wants that if they can help it!

This is especially vital those with oily skin and acne prone skin, as your skin type tends to have larger pores. But let’s make sure they don’t get any bigger, by avoiding these 3 beauty products and practices. Here they are:

1. Harsh toners and astringents.

Toners are one of those “you don’t really need them, but if it works for you, fine” skincare products. Technically there is no reason to use a toner – your cleanser should be cleaning your face enough, you don’t need “extra” cleaning! All you are doing is stripping your skin of moisture even more, and drying it out.

Still, it works for some people and many swear by it – and that’s fine. They are lovely products and I know some of them are very moisturizing.

However, the majority of them are not, and for those with acne prone and oily skin – and whoever’s concerned about large pores – you should try to avoid them because they dry out your skin a lot. And when your skin is too dry, your skin will think it needs more oil. So it will start to produce more oil to lubricate your skin, which… you guessed it: Your pores will expand and get larger!

With more oil collecting in and out of your pores, the more your pores will slowly expand. Not to mention, too much oil on the face can cause more blackheads, which I feel is the #1 way to enlarge a pore. Once it’s been stretched out, there’s no turning back! This is not just for toners, though. Any way you are drying your face too much could be bad for your pore size.

Maybe you’re cleansing too much (twice a day is enough), or maybe you are laying on the thick powder foundation every hour to blot and keep oily skin at a minimum. Which brings me onto the next point…

2. Thick, heavy foundations.

Thick, heavy foundation – whether it’s the actual product, or because you are layering so many products on, is a no-no for large pores. Not only do they clog pores, which again can stretch them out and make them larger, I notice that a lot of thicker foundations tend to emphasis large pores as well.

Try going for lighter foundations, especially ones that say “noncomedogenic” on the label. (I’ll be writing a huge post on foundations for oily and acne prone skin, look out for that soon!)

And as always, my top recommendation that compliments your foundation: a pore minimizing balm. I shared my absolute favorite one at How to Reduce Large Pores, and highly recommend it.

3. Applying face makeup incorrectly.

Always apply foundation, concealers, blushes, powders – whatever makeup that is solely on your face – in a slight downwards motion. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! Apply your foundation on one half of your face from your chin up towards your forehead, all in an upwards direction. Then do the same for the other half of your face, but start from your cheeks down to your chin, and then your forehead, in a slight downwards motion. (Don’t drag your face down as you are applying though – just be very light handed and quick).

I’m willing to bet that the side of your face applied in a slight downward motion conceals the pores much better.

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