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First Look: Reflections Organics

Reflections Organics Singapore reviewThere’s many reason to be excited about Reflections Organics.

A local Singapore makeup brand founded by the lovely Nerissa Low, it not only ignites some local pride (yay!), but it’s a makeup brand that is also good – free of harmful chemicals, the brand is natural/organic, vegan, gluten and cruelty-free.

Best of all: the products are actually really impressive. So it’s with my great pleasure to write this post today.

And I know organic and natural makeup can be less than impressive when it comes to pigmentation and staying power, but I didn’t find that here.

Made in the USA, I’ve been testing a few of their products in recent months, and I already have a few favorites…

Anti-Aging BB cream S$72. Fitting with its “anti aging” name, this BB cream feels like a tinted serum, if you will, and glides beautifully on skin. It’s super moisturising and with my dry skin, greatly appreciated. As with a lot of natural BB creams – like this one – don’t expect super high coverage, though.

Coverage is very light and natural, but if you want more coverage, I recommend adding on their mineral powder foundation on top (especially if you tend to get oily) or after a layer of the BB cream, go over any needed areas with a concealer and blend. Either one will give a covered but still very natural look.

Lip Glaze S$39. I’m gonna put it out there: this is one my favorite lip glosses ever! The color I have, Ginger Spice, is absolutely beautiful – the perfect nude gloss – and feels super moisturizing and is long lasting on lips. Best of all, it’s good for you, so I don’t feel bad reapplying as much as I want.

Lip Butter S$42. This super pigmented lipstick lasted the whole day on a recent 9 hour gig (including lunch) with no reapplication. I love the colors – I have Wild Cherry, a gorgeous cool red, and Sweet Plum, a muted plum color – and I’ve been getting  compliments on it too.

The prices are a little steep, but the quality of the products are undeniable – not to mention the benefits of using something so good for you. I know it’s only a matter of time before I add more of Reflections Organics to my personal collection.

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