How to: Remove Hair Tangles, Knots & More

how to remove hair tangles and knots

If there’s anyone who is qualified to write about this topic, it’s gotta be me.

As I’ve mentioned briefly, in high school I think that I literally tried every style, cut, dye, bleach and hair procedure available at the time. I don’t even know where to begin – and thankfully there is no photo evidence. (I think.)

Either way, whether you’ve tangled your hair from extensions, faked dreadlocks, overloaded on styling products, want to remove stiff hairstyles full of hairspray or created a mess of your hair (done, done and done) have no fear.

Throughout all my hair disas– uh, I mean experiments, I have found a way to remove any sort of hairstyle, tangle or mess you’ve created. (Without causing even more of a mess.)

First, I recommend that this be done in the shower – you will need water, a lot of conditioner, and a lot of patience. This could get very messy.

  • Run some water through your hair. Don’t rub your hair, just let the water flow through it.
  • Next, completely saturate your hair with the most runny, goopy conditioner you know – this one is my fave – and apply it to your hair, from root to tip. (Do NOT use shampoo – conditioner will loosens it up much better than shampoo). Make sure you’ve applied more conditioner than usual, so much so that you can feel that it has loosened up your hair.
  • Then, use a wide tooth comb and very gently and slowly go through your hair, root to tip. Keywords are gentle and slow.
  • Once your hair has been smoothen out, rinse off the conditioner, and wash as usual.

… And voila! Whatever mess you had in your hair is all gone.

Hope that is helpful – I really, really encourage you not to do this any other way than this because I can almost guarantee that you will lose a lot of hair, have a lot of hair breakage, and it will be an even bigger mess.

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