The Making of Renee’s Blend for Lemongrass House!

Lemongrass House Phuket Thailand Surin

So as you can probably guess by now, I was in Phuket a few weeks ago because I will be launching my own collection with Lemongrass House.

I am creating my own “signature scent” to be put in a bath and body collection, Renee’s Blend for Lemongrass House. (I think I confused people and you thought it was a perfume but no, not now… or yet, perhaps?!).

The release date is still in the talks but for now we are looking for a December release and are planning a fun launch event where I will be inviting readers! Super stoked.

Here is the journey…

The meeting at Lemongrass House’ headquarters my 2nd day in Phuket, so the first day was totally relaxing. This was a business trip, but it was very relaxing and I added 3 days to my business trip for a little holiday with my Dad, to celebrate semi-retiring! All I can say from my holiday is lazying by the beach and pool, eating a lot and hanging out in the bar, where I discovered that I loved watermelon juice.

Lemongrass House Phuket Thailand Surin

I was very excited to visit the famous HQ, made out of recycled shipping containers. They are a HUGE brand not only in Thailand but also in the hotel industry. They supply to hundreds of 5-Star hotels around the world with all their shampoos, conditioners, body wash… whatever a guest would need. The hotel I was staying in, The Surin, used LGH products in their bathrooms and their spas, and it was a nice treat using it, I kept thinking; yeah this smells familiar. 🙂

The Headquarters in Thailand also seems like a really hot spot for shoppers. It was in the middle of the day, in the middle of the afternoon and there were so many people. It got even more crowded as the day went on, and I saw some people with baskets full of stuff; they seem to be stocking up! (I also stocked up on one of my all-time favorite LGH product, their amazing body lotions.) I’m sure you’ve seen the shops, but the HQ has so much more products and scent choices. Hundreds of products were lined up everywhere, I didn’t even know where to begin! There was a wider range of their massage oils, facial scrubs, cleansers, and even had lip balms which we don’t get here in Singapore. I had no idea they did facial products too, apparently they also supply their products for facial treatments in hotels.

Lemongrass House Phuket Thailand Surin

Anyway, on to business. We stepped into one of the mixing rooms and was greeted by crazy amounts of essential oils… as a fragrance fanatic, I went a wee bit crazy taking photos of all of them! Bobby showing me all his favorites to try, and then me calling out what I liked: “Vanilla! Coconut! Magnolia! Citrus stuff!” and then testing them all. After sniffing pretty much everything (big exaggeration, but it was nice to smell things I’ve never smelt before, for example Moke flower, which I had never heard of); I decided on…

Vanilla, Chocolate Oil, Coconut, Papaya, Siam Magnolia and Pink Grapefruit. Bobby then went away to mix them and I enjoyed my holiday in Phuket a bit more. All I can say is: hanging by the beach and pool, tons of room service and being a regular at their bar.

Before I met Bobby again at LGH HQ a few days later, I got a complimentary massage at the hotel. Apparently the General Manager knows my blog! I bumped into him at the reception as I was leaving and he commented on a blog post I wrote, so cool! He’s from Italy and came out to Phuket to work at the hotel and loves it here.

In a nutshell? It was lovely. I believe you can go to the hotel just for its spa treatments. The hotel uses specially customized blends by Lemongrass House, so I choose “The Surin Blend”; which was really relaxing and calming. My therapist was very sweet and I was fully relaxed.

And then it was off to LGH HQ, where I finally got to see the samples!

Bobby told me he created 10 mixutres, and these were his favorite 3. He also told me to choose my favorite (without telling me his) and I chose #1; and lo and behold, that was his favorite as well! he said it was very sophisticated and everyone would love it. yay! I definitely do.

That was my second last day in Phuket, so the next day was once again a holiday. I hope you enjoyed looking at my journey, I can’t wait til the collection is out!

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  1. God V, LGH’s HQ seems like a dream to shop in lol! It kinda reminds me of Lush but with a more tropic theme..ok I’m babbling. Anyway, I’m so excited for your collection – I LOVE Vanilla! Be sure to let me know when it’ll be in stores so I can get some 😉 xx

  2. Wow, that’s like a dream come true for bath and body lotion, oils etc., lovers! Where does one start looking when entering a place like that? Looks really cool, Renee, can’t wait for the launch. Gonna grab me a couple of bottles for sure. 🙂

  3. Wow, the combination sounds amazing! Especially the addition of Pink Grapefruit — it’s my favorite fruit 😀 Can’t wait for the fragrance to be out in store~
    Great job Renee!!

  4. OMFG DECEMBER LAUNCH?!!! Can I please come and support you?!!! Will totally do a stopover at Singapore for the day then continue flying back home! So exciting! And b&b collection sounds amazing – I’m excited to see (er, smell rather) the final product! So proud of you and excited for you (:

    1. OMGGG really? Are you going to SL? AHHHH! TELL ME ALL THE DETAILS! They would like the launch party to be in the “last week of November” tentatively but tell me the dates that work for you.

  5. This store looks like heaven! A trip to Thailand has been on the bucket list for the longest time, so I’ll definitely have to make a mental note to try to get to Phuket just to go and check out this store. And it’s so awesome that you’ll have your own fragrance coming – I like the sound of the selection you’ve chosen, it’s definitely unconventional but I could see it working! Do you think it’ll be available online once it has launched? 🙂

  6. This store looks amazing, what an awesome experience. I want in that room with all the scents! Im loving your choices, I love how the vanilla was not too sweet, that is my favorite! This is wonderful!

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