How to… Stay Hydrated in Super Hot Weather

stay hydrated hot weather tipsPhew, it is getting hot or what?!

With the weather heating up, it’s vital we stay hydrated.

As someone who grew up in a city where it’s hot all the time, you’d think I’d be used to the hot weather, but really, not so much.

It still takes a lot of effort to remind myself to keep your body cool, hydrated and healthy, which is what I want to share today.

How to stay hydrated in hot weather.

So, you all know to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, but in these extra hot months, you can even take it a step further:

1. Eat your water. 

Not everyone enjoys water (which I can never understand!), so one thing you can do is actually “eat” your water. Chow down on watery food like watermelon, cucumbers, melons, etc. Citrus fruits are also very high in water content. I’m a big fan of juicing too, so juicing veggies like cucumbers and celery is not only refreshing and will quench your thirst, but incredibly healthy as well.

2. Always keep a bottle of water in your handbag and at work/school. 

The best way to remember to drink water is to have it with you. I like having two water bottles with me: one at my desk, and one in my handbag. Having a reusable water bottle in your handbag will remind you to drink up – every time you rummage in your handbag, it’ll be right there staring at you – so tell yourself to drink up!

Likewise, whether at work or classes, always keep a bottle of water on your desk where you can see it and be reminded to drink. I’d recommend buying one of those larger water bottles just for your desk. Fill it up in the morning and tell yourself you need to finish it by the end of the day; and the one in your handbag, too.

3. Have a big glass of water before your meals.

This will not only make sure you get 3 out of the many glasses of water you need in a day. The popular rule is “8 glasses a day” but that incorrect. To truly see if you’re getting enough water, check the color of your pee. Go on! It should be pale. If it’s dark, you’re dehydrated (source) so drink more.

4. Swap soda for water.

I must be the only one in the planet who hates soda, and honestly – it’s really, really bad for you. However, I know that for those who hate drinking water, it can be tough to start. So if you’d still like something with a little more taste, try Coconut water, Vitamin Water or stuff like Gatorade. These options, of course, are kinda full of sugar and will never beat water, so I encourage you to try to always make a glass of water your first choice. Another healthier option are fruit and veggie juices.

5. Get creative.

Expanding on my point above – if you’re not a fan of water, try adding honey, lemons, cucumber or other things to “spice” it up and give it a bit of taste. Not to mention, healthy too.

6. One word: Popsicles.

Probably my favorite thing about summer – since they are basically frozen flavored water, it’s a great way to stay hydrated in the summer and a healthy snack. Either buy them or make them yourself.

7. Avoid alcohol.

Not only does alcohol affect your looks, health and uh, makes you look dumb (source), but it seriously dehydrates your body. If you must, have one big glass of water after every alcoholic drink.

How to Keep Cool

Now that you’re hydrated, here are some other things to remember to keep cool extra cool:

  • Wear “breathable” clothes. Avoid black clothes which just trap heat. Some of my favorite summer tops are these tees from LNA, especially in white – they are incredibly cooling.
  • Sunscreen is a must. Remember, in this hot weather, it’s vital to remember to apply sunscreen. This sunscreen is my favorite so far.
  • Keep beauty products in the fridge. Want a real treat? Put your moisturizer, suncreen and other other beauty products you use daily in the fridge. When you apply it, you’ll have a nice cooling sensation to your skin. Bliss!
  • Fan it up. This is my must have for me, even more so when it gets extra hot. I make sure every fan in my house is going at all times, and even invest in a small desk fan. Hand held fans are also great.

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