Top 10 Best Summer Perfumes

One of my favorite things ever is summer, and I know I’m not the only one. Tons of things are inspired by the summer season and their activities, and one of my favorites are the perfumes. They capture the fun, sun and all the adventures that usually happen in summer.

best summer perfumes for women

Whether you’re looking for natural perfume, high end, indie, or department store – I have all sorts of summer perfumes recommendations:

1. Bond no 9 Coney IslandIf you know me long enough, you’ll know that Coney Island is one of my “dream” destinations. So of course, when I discovered some time ago that one of my favorite perfume brands, Bond No. 9 had a fragrance called Coney Island, I quickly had to sample it. And oh my, did they capture all my thoughts of Coney Island. This is an aquatic, margarita-like, fun, watery scent.

2. Bobbi Brown BeachMakeup artist Bobbi Brown created this perfume to mimick Coppertone sunscreen, which reminded her of her childhood spent at the beach. One of the most popular “beachy” scents, it is so lovely and so is the bottle. A must-try.

3. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. No summer fragrance list is complete without Bronze Goddess, one of the most popular and loved summer fragrances in the world. A limited edition every summer season, Bronze Goddess is a must-have for French supermodel Candace Jablonski, and pretty much the whole beauty blogosphere.

4. Pacifica Perfumes Malibu Lemon BlossomWhat’s more summery than a clean, citrus scent? You can buy this sweet, natural, “healthy” perfume. There’s also a solid perfume version which is even more natural and good for your skin.

5. Clinique Happy. Happy is a floral scent that smells of the wild flowers in Hawaii. Tropical, floral and can be used year-round, this brings back so many high school summer memories. Such a joyful scent.

6. By Rosie Jane TillyA musky scent that dries down into a beautiful floral, this scent features grapefruit, pineapple and gardenia. Beautiful scent is strong and very long lasting. It sinks into your skin so it becomes like your natural scent, and comes in a handy roller ball and can be dropped into your handbag for quick touch ups. 

7. Bond no. 9 FireIsland. This is the more expensive version of Bobbie Brown’s Beach fragrance, and kinda has the same story behind it: the perfumes were inspired by Coppertone sunscreen. However, this is a deeper, more intense version, and oh-so-sexy. It’s just a lovely fragrance, think of it as high fashion Coppertone sunscreen.

8. Etat Libre d’Orange Like This. Hmmm… what a lovely, strange scent. Out of this world, really. Nicknamed “immortal ginger”, this Award-winning scent featured notes of tangerine, Moroccon neroli, Grasse Rose.

9. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. A lemony fresh scent, this is the very first fragrance I ever bought and the epitome of an everyday, fresh, clean scent. Great for summer and beyond. It’s also one of the top selling women’s fragrance in the past 10 years, if that’s saying anything. I fell in love with it when I was a teen and never looked back.

10. Honore Des Pres Love Coconut. From one of my favorite organic, natural perfume brands, Love Coconut, available here, is a rough, raw coconut scent. It’s coconut, but not in the “creamy” sense. A little more rugged, more outback, more shipwrecked – a very nice, rebellious coconut. Incredible and maybe the best coconut perfume, ever. You’ll also be able to find this scent at select organic beauty shops.

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