Get Your Swag (Hairstyle) On!

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Image: Vogue

Several fashion and beauty magazines are now deeming “The Swag” as the hairstyle for 2015, and I might actually be in fashion for once!

To get this look, get your hair cut at a reasonable length – this look can go from “effortless sexy” to “girl, are you doing OK?” very fast, so keep the length between your shoulders to a little past your collarbone.

After washing your hair (probably best to skip conditioner so it’s extra crunchy), spritz texture spray from root to tips, and braid loosely. Then, go to bed (or leave it on for at least 6 hours).

The next day, release the braids and lightly spray hairspray through it, scrunching your hair as you go. You can rub in some dry shampoo and/or volumizing spray on your parting for extra volume on top. (More hair volume tips here.)

For the bangs, get a side bang cut so it grazes your eyebrows. Ask your stylist to thin it out just a little (especially in the center) – no heavy bangs here. Don’t put any product in it, the bangs should be left alone as products will weigh it down and make it look greasy really fast.

And that’s it! All you need to get The Swag is a good haircut, side bangs, and a great texturizing spray. Apply your texturizing spray (my favorites are below) and damp hair and let it air dry for even more texture. Have fun!

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