The Leah Factor

the leah factor book reviewBeing a Christian in the beauty industry, I had always wondered how I can possibly share my faith, or even find eternal purpose in my work.

But I’ve since come to realize that it’s not even the actual application of the work (in my case, applying makeup), it’s through the work – the people I meet, the conversations I have, the relationships I build… that’s where it all is.

And a big part of my life/work, of course, is this blog.

Blogs and social media have allowed us to reach a bigger audience and even create friendships outside of our inner circle or immediate community – and we should be using it for good!

So when I saw the press release for The Leah Factor: Recognizing True beauty and Worth in my inbox, I was excited, ‘cause it seemed like the perfect way to introduce my faith into my blog.

Written by long time Bible student and Sunday school teacher Cynthia M. Henry, The Leah Factor is a book about lessons of beauty, insecurity and self-worth from the life story of Leah, who was described as “tender eyed” and always overlooked because of her beautiful and “highly favored” sister, Rachel. (Can you imagine being married to a man who actually really loves your sister? That can’t be fun!)

With this, the book explores topics of rivalry, self-worth, judgement, pride (and more) through Leah’s story, showing us how God worked in Leah’s life and what we can learn from it – especially about putting our trust in Him, no matter what our situation.

Though The Leah Factor a light read – each chapter is a few pages long – I much prefer it that way, because it’s a book that I will be re-reading for years to come and it’s one of “those” books you just gotta pass along to all your girlfriends.

This is Cynthia’s first book, and I hope she continues writing, because she has a real gift – her words are kind, gentle, encouraging and it was such a pleasure to read. Even if self-esteem and beauty is not something you are personally struggling with, The Leah Factor goes into pretty much all topics that could stem from it (because low self esteem is very rarely just about how you look, it goes so much deeper) and tons of the topics she wrote about will relate to any woman’s life.

Pick up a copy of The Leah Factor: Recognizing True beauty and Worth on

(Also, side note: I was super pleased that all scripture was from the King James Bible, which is my preferred version to read, as I find it be the truest, most accurate English translation.)

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