The Universal Haircut: Everything You Need to Know

The universal haircut

Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle that suits you or a hairstyle that will be easy to manage and is timeless for any age, The Universal Haircut is it.

As I mentioned here, it is the ultimate hairstyle in the sense that everyone – and I really mean everyone – will look good with it, be it age, hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

What exactly is The Universal Haircut?

It’s actually so simple: The Universal Haircut is a shoulder length straight-cut “long bob”, with side swept bangs/fringe.

Yes, that’s really it – it’s super simple, and its simplicity is what what makes it look good on everyone. And not only that, The Universal Haircut will also suit any lifestyle because it is so, so easy to manage.

Not convinced? Everyone in Hollywood at one point had it, and, as you can see in the image above, and they all looked great.

Why Everyone Looks Good in The Universal Haircut.

As you can see above, The Universal Haircut, in whatever slight variation, looks amazing on everyone and is so versatile. But why is it so great?

First, look at the length. If you’ve read in detail my post, “Which Hairstyle Suits Me?” and all the “must do’s” for each face shape, you’ll see that this length of hair is perfect for everyone: It is long enough to lengthen a round face shape, has enough softness to soften square and angular face shapes, has enough “weight” and fullness at the bottom to balance out triangle, heart and diamond face shapes; and has enough width and volume in the hair to balance out long and oval face shapes.

Pretty incredible, no?

And it’s the same with the side-swept bangs/fringe – it suits every and any face shape. (Plus, it’s super easy to transition and get used to – it’s at that weird half-bangs/half-not stage, so you kinda get the best of both worlds.)

Why You Should Try The Universal Haircut.

If you have no idea what to do with your hair – especially in this new year – look no further than The Universal Haircut. As I mentioned above, it is at the perfect length that looks good on anyone. The length is also not too long, nor short and will suit any age, personality and lifestyle – especially for women who are super busy and don’t have much time to do anything with their hair.

Next, there are endless possibilities with it! You can make it wavy, you can straighten it, you can curl it; make it slightly longer, slightly shorter, you can part the bangs/fringe to the side or in the center.

Try it out!

The Universal Haircut is both timeless and classic, yet fun and flirty, and so, so, easy to manage. I highly recommend it, and have been sporting this look for most of my life; as well as maybe 90% of my girlfriends. The Universal Haircut is both timeless and classic, yet fun and flirty, and so, so, easy to manage. When getting the universal haircut at your hairdresser, say the following:

I’d like a timeless long bob to be cut around my shoulders, with a side swept bang/fringe that ends at the top of my cheekbones. 

(Of course, you can also just show them this post and talk further about why The Universal Haircut rocks!)

Why do you say? Will you be trying out The Universal Haircut? Let me know if you do!

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